Tears of the Kingdom Fish for Fletching quest guide

Feed those younglings.

There are plenty of side quests to keep you busy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some aren’t available until you progress through the story, like Fish for Fletching. If you’ve made your way to Rito village and want to help out the little bird people, this is the quest for you. Provide aid to a Rito and earn some arrows in the process.

Fish for Fletching Quest Location

Tears of the Kingdom Fish for Flecthin quest location
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once you finish the Tulin of Rito Village main quest, you can start Fish for Fletching. Climb to the top of Rito Village and cross the bridge. Speak to Bedoli, the Rito woman overseeing the food supply. She’s standing by several large crates at the coordinates (-3656, 1769, 0214).

Tears of the Kingdom bedoli location
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Bedoli needs three Glowing Cave Fish to feed the young Rito. Get those for her, and you can trade them for ten arrows.

Tears of the Kingdom Bedoli request glow fish
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Glowing Cave Fish Location: Underground Ponds

Mabe Village Ruins Well on the map
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Glowing Cave Fish reside in ponds underground all across Hyrule. Suppose you’re looking for a place to grab them quickly; head to Mabe Village Ruins southeast of Lookout Landing (-0071,-0160, 0024). Jump in the well once you get there to claim your prey.

Glowing Cave Fish swimming in water in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Claiming Your Rewards

Tears of the kingdom where to f
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After you’ve gotten the Glowing Cave Fish, head back and talk to Bedoli to give her the fish and collect your arrows. Congrats, you’ve completed the Fish for Fletching side quest!

Tears of the kingdom bedoli glowing cave fish trade
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Despite turning in the Glowing Cave Fish, Bedoli tells you that any time you bring her five Chillfin Trout or Brightcaps, she’ll reward you with another set of arrows.

Tears of the Kingdom Bedoli chillfin trout brightcaps trade fish for fletchings
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Players can claim these rewards indefinitely, so keep collecting Brightcaps and Chillfin Trout and return to Bedoli if you’re ever low on arrows.

Tears of the Kingdom brightcap exchange
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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