Tears of the Kingdom: Get to know your Champions

A new era calls for new heroes.

After losing the original champions to Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild, a new generation of heroes rose up to help Link bring peace back to Hyrule. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom those Champions return to offer a helping hand once more, with a few fresh faces in tow. Before you hop into this highly anticipated sequel, get to know your most powerful allies.

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Hyrule’s New Champions

Teras of the Kingdom zelda master sword
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With a mighty foe like Ganondorf, Link needs the help of a new age of heroes. Each of these great allies comes from a different species among the people of Hyrule. The Champions serve as the strongest warriors from their respective tribes, and each offers a strength all their own.


Tears of the kingdom sidon champion
Image via Nintendo

Sidon serves as the prince of the Zora tribe. Thanks to his people’s long lives, the younger brother of the original Zora Champion was around over 100 years ago to witness the fall of Hyrule. Despite his tragic childhood, the young warrior retains a cheerful attitude and kind heart, guarding the Zora Domain tirelessly. You won’t find a kinder soul in all of Hyrule, especially not with a smile that charming.


Tears of the Kingdom Riju Champion
Image via Nintendo

The adolescent chief of the Gerudo and descendant of Urbosa, Riju, inherited the throne at a young age after her mother passed away. Now, she leads the formidable tribe of women warriors on her own. Riju strives to prove that she’s worthy enough to command these allies each day. With steely resolve, impressive combat skills and the ability to conjure lightning, there’s little doubt she’s leader material.


Tears of the Kingdom Tulin Champion
Image via Nintendo

The young Rito, Tulin, is a skilled archer from this species of marksmen that aids Link in his airborne adventures. As a new ally, we don’t know much about Tulin yet, but there’s sure to be more info once Tears of the Kingdom launches later this month.

The Unknown Goron Champion

While the Zora, Gerudo, and Rito all have a champion in Tears of the Kingdom, the Goron Champion is still a mystery. Will Daruk’s Grandson, Yunobo, take up the mantle of Champion, or will another rise to the task? With just over a week left until launch, we can’t wait to find out.

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