Tears of the Kingdom: How to swap Health and Stamina upgrades

Making a deal with the devil.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, upgrading your Health and Stamina are a must if you want to confront the Demon King and save Hyrule. Each time you gather four Lights of Blessing from the shrines, you can upgrade either at your leisure. What happens when you boost the wrong stat, though? Is there a way to reverse the process? If you find yourself regretting your life choices, don’t worry, you’re in luck! Tears of the Kingdom lets users undo their upgrades after finishing a specific Side Adventure.

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Head to Lookout Landing’s Emergency Shelter

Tears of the Kingdom Emergency shelter coordinates
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To start the Side Adventure that unlocks upgrade swapping, head to Lookout Landing after completing both theHebra Regional Phenomena’ Main Adventure and ‘Who Goes There?’ Side Adventure. This Hyrule Field town is where you meet Purah shortly after touching down on Hyrule at the beginning of the game. The opening to the town’s coordinates is (-0248, 0157, 0006).

Tears of the Kingdom emergency shelter
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Once in Lookout Landing, head to the town center, where a large hole with a ladder waits. Climb down the ladder to enter the Emergency Shelter.

Tears of the Kingdom hyrule field emergency shelter
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After you reach the shelter, talk to Jerrin, the worried attendant, just ahead of the entrance. She’ll tell Link about a scary voice coming from the hole in the wall in front of her. This starts the ‘A Deal with A Statue‘ Side Adventure.

Complete the ‘A Deal With a Statue’ Side Adventure

Tears of the kingdom
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Head to that hole in the wall when you’re done speaking to Jerrin to enter the Royal Hidden Passage. A ton of rubble blocks your way, so you’ll need a hammer or club to smash through this crowded corridor.

If your weapon breaks, don’t fret. When that happens, there should be several Rusty Claymores and rocks to fuse and use. Go down the right path when you hit the fork in the road. Keep smashing until you meet a Horned Statue just beyond an open gate.

Tears of the Kingdom evil statue horned statue
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After you talk to the Horned Statue, he’ll take a heart from you. Talk to him again, and he’ll give it back, explaining that you can sell him upgrades for 100 Rupees, and he’ll sell you your choice of upgrades for 120 Rupees in return. It’s a pricey system but an excellent option when you choose the wrong upgrade.

Return to Jerrin after seeing the Horned Statue and tell her what happened to get 20 Rupees. Now you can visit the little devil whenever you want and swap upgrades on a whim.

Tears of the Kingdom Jerrin adventure reward
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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