Tears of the Kingdom: Where to find Ganon’s Giant Horse

Add this Herculean horse to your collection.

Getting a horse is essential for travel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. There are plenty of wild mounts to claim in Hyrule. One of the unique finds, Ganon’s Giant Horse, is a tough one to find. If you didn’t transfer him over from Breath of the Wild, don’t worry! There’s still a way to secure this steed in Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s where you can get the big black stallion.

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Finding the Giant Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Head to Hateno Beach

Tears of the kingdom ganon giant horse
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Make your way down to Hateno Beach. Stop before you go down to the water, as Ganon’s Giant Horse rests in the plains between Hateno Bay and Deepback Bay. Instead, you’ll want to go to the slight stretch of land at the following coordinates: (4156, -2376, 0012).

Tears of the Kingdom ganon's giant horse scope
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Pull out your scope and scan the area for a large black horse with an orange mane and tail when you get there. That’s your target. Hide in the grass and start to make your approach.

Warning: You need two and a half stamina wheels to tame Ganon’s Giant Horse. If you lack energy, eat food that increases your stamina cap. If you don’t have food that gives stamina buffs, head to a stable and rest using the Malayna Bed. Doing so grants Link a complete additional stamina wheel and three extra hearts.

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Tears of the Kingdom malanya bed
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

You’ll need 50 rupees to use the Malayna Bed, so ensure you have enough before chatting with the stablemaster.

Sneak Up and Soothe the Horse

Tears of the kingdom ganon giant horse sneak
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

You’ll want to move slowly and stay quiet once you get close to Ganon’s Giant Horse. We suggest eating food with the Stealth Up buff, as it makes it easier to approach this beast. You’ll get a prompt when you get close enough to the horse to mount. Press A and start the taming process.

Tears of the Kingdom ganon giant horse soothe
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Rapidly press L to soothe the Giant Horse and keep it from bucking Link off. Following a successful soothing, Ganon’s Giant horse will calm down and let Link ride. Now that you’ve got it under control, all that’s left is to board the Giant Horse at a stable.

Take Ganon’s Giant Horse to a Stable

Tears of the kingdom dueling peaks stable
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The closest stable to Hateno Beach is Dueling Peaks Stable. If you follow the road from the beach (where the red X is on the map), it’s a straight shot. Ride through Hateno Village and stay on the road until you reach Fort Hateno.

Tears of the Kingdom Fort hateno
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Because Fort Hateno has Monster Forces guarding the gate, you’ll want to hop off your horse and hide it until you deal with them. I hid mine in the forest to the right of the gate, and it remained unharmed.

Tears of the kingdom monster forces fort hateno
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After you clear out the small army, hop back on your horse and continue towards Dueling Peaks Stable.

Register/Board Ganon’s Giant Horse

Tears of the kingdom stable register ganon giant horse
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

At the end of your ride, you’ll meet Tasseren, the owner of Dueling Peaks Stable. As you talk to him, he’ll compliment your horse before asking you to register it. Select Yes, Please to start the boarding process.

Tears of the kingdom new horse registration fee
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Keep in mind you’ll need 20 rupees to board new horses. If you’re okay with the registration fee, click Yes and choose a name for your new friend.

Tears of the Kingdom ganon giant horse name
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Next, you must confirm the Giant Horse’s name to complete registration. After you choose a title, the horse is all yours.

Tears of the Kingdom ganon giant horse with gear
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Since Ganon’s Giant Horse is rare, it gets its own saddle and bridle set. To equip them, board the horse and take it out to see the new gear provided. Unfortunately, Ganon’s Giant Horse cannot put on other saddles or bridles due to its impressive size, but I think this set suits it just fine.

Tears of the kingdom Ganon giant horse ride
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

With that, you’ve done all you need to get Ganon’s Giant horse. I hope you enjoy owning one of the coolest-looking steeds in all of Hyrule!

For more on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, including how to swap health and stamina upgrades, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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