The best Ballistic Skins in Apex Legends

Welcome home, daddy.

Apex Legends’ newest hot dad is here, and like all good DILFs, he is serving looks at every price point. From silly to stern, the Ballistic skin selection covers the gamut of styles. Here’s what I, an avid men enjoyer, thought looked best for every rarity tier.

Standard Legendary Ballistic Skins

Apex Legends: Ballistic, the new Season 17 character, poses in a variety of Legendary character skins
Screenshots by Taylor Hicklen
  • Earl Grey
  • Mr. Manners
  • Neon Sunset
  • Vice Grip

I’ll be honest with you: some of these are too much for me. This crop of legendary skins, save for Earl Grey, makes the classic faux pas of either being too buttoned up or altogether too bright. If it’s your aesthetic, I salute you. I am simply too old and do not need this.

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Other Standout Skins

Apex Legends: Ballistic, the new Season 17 character, poses in a each rarity type of character skin.
Screenshots by Taylor Hicklen
  • Heat Sync (Epic)
  • Prowess (Rare)
  • Orchid (Common)

The best Ballistic skins, at every tier, reveal a new facet of the character underneath. Heat Sync adds a tantalizing glimmer of light underneath mesh. Reader, the instant I saw the Prowess skin, I reflexively went “Let’s go, girls!” We love a Shania tribute. And who could forget the Orchid skin, where the soft pastel accents sand off just a hint of chiseled jaw, revealing a hidden softness underneath.

Ballistic Battle Pass and Launch Bundle Skins

Apex Legends: Ballistic poses in his general-themed launch bundle skin and the vaguely energy drink Battle Pass variant.
Screenshots by Taylor Hicklen

Ballistic also has a level 1 Premium Battle Pass skin and a launch bundle variant. These didn’t make my standouts but are worth mentioning. Technomancer is just a little too Mojo-Jojo-meets-energy-drink, and General Destruction has so many different elements to it that my eyes kind of skim over it altogether. The launch bundle includes other items and costs 3,000 Apex Coins. Again, if it’s your thing. more power to you, but this DILF respecter would rather log off.

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