The best Vantage skins in Apex Legends

Sniper your enemies down, and look good while doing it.

Vantage debuted in Apex Legends for Season 14: Hunted. She is the 22nd Legend on the game’s main roster, and the sixth Recon Legend. Her specialty is sniper weapons, even coming already equipped with a special sniper rifle of her own for her Ultimate ability. When it comes to appearance, Vantage is the youngest Legend in the game. But she does have plenty of skill, and also plenty of style. Here are the best Vantage skins in Apex Legends.

Standard Legendary Vantage Skins

Standard Legendary Vantage Skins
Pictured left to right. Screenshots by Radiant G
  • Falcon Patrol (Legendary Vantage skin)
  • Genesis Effect (Legendary Vantage skin)
  • Nocturnal Tactics (Legendary Vantage skin)
  • Red Shot Raider (Legendary Vantage skin)

Firstly, Vantage’s standard Legendary skins are pretty nice. Each set is on the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum. One set has a skull and bone theme, reminiscent of the old-school Legendary Hunt aesthetic. The other is much more sporty and has a much more modern look.

Our favorite skins in this set are Genesis Effect and Nocturnal Tactics. The orange and white color scheme looks great on the Genesis Effect skin. And the bright purple plumage makes the Nocturnal Tactics skin stand out. Overall, Vantage’s bases Legendary skins are pretty eye-catching.

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Other Standout Skins

Other Best Vantage Skins
Pictured left to right. Screenshots by Radiant G
  • Sandswept (Epic Vantage skin)
    • Season 14: Hunted Premium Battle Pass skin
  • Ice Cold (Legendary Vantage skin)
    • Vantage Launch Bundle skin
  • Orchid (Common Vantage skin)
    • Standard Common skin

Vantage followed in the footsteps of Seer and Newcastle, earning herself an Epic skin on the Premium Battle Pass the season she debuted. She also has a launch bundle Legendary, which has become pretty standard for each season launch. Vantage’s launch skin has her looking even more ready for the snowy weather than usual. Just give her a snowboard, and she’s good.

The other skin selected here may only be a common skin, but like with the Nocturnal Tactics skin, a vibrant purple looks great on Vantage.

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