Vantage – ultimate, tactical, and passive abilities in Apex Legends

Vantage and Echo are built for long-range combat.

Xiomara “Mara” Contreras, aka Vantage, is the youngest Legend on the Apex Legend roster, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a punch. Vantage debuts for Season 14: Hunted, making her the 22nd Legend to join the Apex Legends roster. Vantage is a Recon Legend, making her the sixth Recon Legend on the roster. Unlike most of the Recon Legends, she does not have a traditional scan, but she does have a few ways to mark targets.

Vantage – All Legend Abilities

Vantage’s ability set themed around mid-range and long-range combat, especially sniper rifles.

Ultimate: Sniper’s Mark

Sniper's Mark (Vantage Ultimate)
Screenshot via Respawn

Firstly, Vantage’s ultimate lets her mark targets by hitting them with her custom sniper rifle. This both help players focus targets, and gives Vantage and her team a damage bonus. Her ultimate does not have to be fully charged in order for her to use the ability. Instead, she gains one bullet in her custom sniper rifle for every 20% of her cooldown, maxing out at five when she has reached 100%.

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Tactical: Echo Relocation

Echo Relocation (Vantage Tactical)
Screenshot via Respawn

Vantage can send off Echo, her bat companion, to fly a location within line of sight. Once Echo is positioned there, Vantage will launch to him. The name of this ability is clever wordplay on “echolocation”, the method with which bats navigate in real life.

Passive: Spotter’s Lens

Spotter's Lens (Vantage Passive)
Screenshot via Respawn

Vantage’s passive ability is a special eyepiece that activate when you aim down sights (ADS) with no weapon, a mid-range scope, or a long-range scope. The Spotter Lens scans and marks an enemy, reveals which Legend it is, their body shield tier, and their exact distance. It also gives Vantage a bullet drop indicator, which shows where her shots will land. Vantage’s kit is the first to have an ability that fully discloses the identity of a Legend in the HUD.

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