What is Apex Legends Survival Item Evac Tower?

I'm like a bird, I only float away...
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Apex Legends is gearing up for Arsenal—Season 17 of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter—with new Legends, items, and maps. Their new survival item has to potential to really blow up players’ offensive strategies. (Get it? Because there’s a balloon? Sorry.)

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The Evac Tower is a deployable item that only lasts for a limited time, and that time window is shortened if it takes damage on the field. Set one out and a rocket will fire into the air. After the rocket explodes, it’ll send a zipline back to earth, where players will be able to use it to skydive.

Hello, Ragdolly!

Apex Legends survival item evac tower
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Additional skydiving adds new strategic possibilities, allowing players to regroup at a new location if they’re taking fire or simply get out while the getting’s good. Most importantly, this adds a whole new layer of possibilities for funny game physics clips. I fully expect players to push these systems to their comedic limits once the new game update drops. (Please, I’m begging you, my funny compilations playlist is dying.) Brave players can take the risk of having their own Hindenburg moment when the new season launches.

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