What is the max level in Final Fantasy XIV? (2022)

Grind your way to the top.

Final Fantasy XIV is the hottest MMO in gaming in 2022. With over 25 million players, it is the premier MMO experience in 2022. With a meaty base game and four paid expansions, players can rise to the max level as they explore the world of Eorzea. Players will naturally level up as they progress through the main story, but when will the levels stop rolling?

As of Endwalker, the max level for all classes is 90. Disciples of the Land, Hand, War, and Magic share the same cap. Unlike other MMOs, players can play as each class in Final Fantasy on a single character so long as they unlock each job via quests.

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Max level for each FFXIV Expansion

Since the max level in Final Fantasy XIV depends on the content you’ve purchased, your level cap may differ. You can see each level hike by Expansion below:

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker trailer
Image via Square Enix
  • A Realm Reborn: 50
  • Heavensward: 60
  • Stormblood: 70
  • Shadowbringers: 80
  • Endwalker: 90

New players can participate in the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial, which contains A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. We recommend completing the Free Trial content before purchasing the game. Players must pay $15 a month once they buy Final Fantasy XIV, but you’ll save that money as a Free Trial player. After you beat the Free Trial, buy Final Fantasy XIV The Complete Edition for all additional content.

When does the max level increase in FFXIV?

The max level in Final Fantasy XIV increases with each paid Expansion. Paid expansions release every two years for the popular MMO, and the upcoming Expansion should launch in 2023 and raise the max level to 100.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Trailer Zenos
Image via Square Enix

Despite a rocky launch in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV rebounded to become one of the best comeback stories in gaming. Moreover, critics and fans continue praising the game for its sensational story and gameplay. Final Fantasy XIV is unquestionably worth your time in 2022.

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