When Does Patch 6.18 Release In Final Fantasy XIV?

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Final Fantasy XIV is a gem amid a sea of MMOs. Although this genre is saturated, Square Enix’s title stands among the best titles of 2022. Though Endwalker is out, Square Enix continually updates the game with new features. Players get meaty patches as well from time to time, and Patch 6.18 is one of those additions. For this reason, we’ve cataloged the release date and major changes below.

Patch 6.18 maintenance takes place on July 5, 2022. Because this update introduces several significant changes, the game will be offline for 24 hours. During Patch 6.18, players cannot access the game or several vital services.

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.18 Key Changes

Though all the changes in this patch aren’t listed below, the most notable additions in 6.18 are.

Final Fantasy XIV Warrior of Light Paladin
Image via Square Enix
  • European Data Center Expansion
    • Chaos Data Center introduces Sagittarius and Phantom worlds.
    • Light Data Center adds Alpha and Raiden worlds.
  • Japanese Data Center Expansion
    • New Meteor Data Center.
  • Data Center Travel system
    • Allows players to visit other data centers.

Character Creation Bonuses

Creating a character during a new world event nets players the following bonuses. Some of these rewards depend on players reaching level 30 in a specific time frame.

  • Double EXP until level 80
  • 10 Silver Chocobo Features
  • 1,000,000 Gil (reach level 30)
  • 15 days of free play time (reach level 30)

Home World Transfer Bonuses

World Transfers in Final Fantasy XIV offer several incentives for players. Those willing to move to new worlds receive the following:

  • Free Home World Transfer Service
  • Double EXP bonus until level 80 (90-day limit)
  • 10 Gold Chocobo Feathers
  • Gil Compensation for land

Final Fantasy XIV has over 25 million players worldwide. Even so, the number continues to grow. In 2021, Final Fantasy XIV became the most profitable entry in the series. Today, the title blossoms under Director Naoki Yoshida and his team. Although the title had a rocky launch, it thrives in 2022.

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