When is the Final Fantasy XIV x XVI collab event?

It won't be long now, but let's give Yoshi-P a chance to rest!

Final Fantasy XVI is finally out after years of waiting. One of the most anticipated events following the game’s launch has been the Final Fantasy XIV x XVI collaboration. We’re happy to share what we know if you’re waiting to see when the upcoming event hits the game.

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When to Expect the XIV x XVI Collab

Final Fantasy XVI Clive
Image via Square Enix

Naoki Yoshida, widely known as Yoshi-P, said on the Final Fantasy XIV Twitter account that a Final Fantasy XIV x XVI collaboration should happen once the hype from the release calms down.

For those who don’t know, Yoshi-P directs both Final Fantasy XIV and XVI, making this collab inevitable, especially after this post. We can expect more info to drop in the next patch cycle for Final Fantasy XIV, but I think it’s safe to say that Yoshi-P has earned some rest for now.

Final Fantasy XV saw a collab event with Square Enix’s premiere MMO in 2018. Players teamed up with the game’s protagonist, Noctis, during the event to challenge Garuda. The event has since seen several reappearances, the most recent being September 2021. It’s the only way to get the four-seat mount, Regalia Type-G, so we hope to get a reward this cool once the Final Fantasy XVI event rolls around.

For more on Final Fantasy XVI, stick to Press SPACE to Jump. If you want to know where to find the Griffon in XVI, check out the Griffin Location guide on our sister site, GameSandwich!

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