When will the level cap increase in Apex Legends?

Can you go beyond level 500 yet?

Part of the fun of Apex Legends is getting collecting cosmetics and badges to trick out your Legend banners. One of those badges shows off your account level. For players who have been playing the game avidly: they’ve rocked the same badge for months, if not years. The cap of 500 has been the law of the land for a long time… until now. Brush off those badges, and get ready for the game’s second level cap increase.

When is the next Level Cap increase?

Old Level Cap
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The next level cap increase is in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. The new season and the increase both will debut on August 9. This increase comes over two and a half years after the first level cap increase in the Progression Update on December 3, 2019.

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Why does an increase matter?

Of course, the badge and the glory are only a small part of why being able to level up is an important. Here are some of the other reasons players covet a level cap increase.

  • Activity: Ability to tell which players are actively playing past the prior level cap. This is helpful if you want to choose to team up with other players you know are actively playing the game.
  • Rewards: Players at level 500 will often joke with lower-level players “Apex Packs? I remember those…” as players at max level do not continue receive rewards for leveling up. A cap increase offers veteran players a new chance to earn more rewards, hopefully also in the form of Apex Packs.
    • It has not yet been confirmed if more Apex Packs will be retroactively added to the prior track. If they are, players above the affected levels will receive the packs they would have gotten. This happened during the previous increase

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted debuts new Legend Vantage alongside the level cap increase on August 9.

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