Where to find Auroral Clams in Final Fantasy XIV

Find this rare Final Fantasy XIV resource.

Final Fantasy XIV added several items during Patch 6.15. Custom Delivery regulars have another item to add to their list of Fishing finds. One of these items is the Auroral Clam. Because this is a new item, finding it may take some research. Luckily, we’ve scouted these items to make your life easier.

According to the Final Fantasy XIV Wiki, players can find Auroral Clams at the following location. You’ll need to level your Fishing job to get this item. You’ll also need to use bait to catch Auroral Clams. Make sure you have the Collect skill active to grab this aquamarine life.

  • Holes (level 85) in The Ruby Sea (X: 23, Y: 27)
Final Fantasy XIV Auroral Clam
Image via Square Enix

Currently, there are no other known locations for Auroral Clams. You’ll need to frequent this area from Stormblood to get your mollusk fix. We recommend leveling your Fishing skill to at least level 85 to improve the catch rate for this item.

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Where to turn in Auroral Clams

Once you’ve got this resource, head to Ameliance Leveilluer in Old Sharlayan (X: 15.7, Y: 7.2.) Giving Auroral Clams to the NPC ranks up your Custom Delivery level.

Ameliance Final Fantasy XIV
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

The Auroral Clam is a level 3 Custom Delivery request, so you’ll need to rank up before offering these items to Ameliance. You’ll need to grab Inksquid at level 1 and Seedtoad at level 2. If you meet these requirements, you’re free to resume turn-ins with the NPC.

New Custom Deliveries were a substantial addition to Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 6.15. In addition to new items, this update includes new outfit options and coffers. Though Endwalker’s update is long behind Square Enix, new implementations roll on for this popular MMO.

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