Where to find Glowing Cave Fish in Tears of the Kingdom

Shine bright.

There are many animals you’ll find while exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Many of these creatures can provide Link useful buffs that’ll make his journey through Hyrule much easier if they’re cooked in a dish. The Glowing Cave Fish are one of these creatures. If cooked, they’ll make Link glow, making them useful when exploring dark areas like the Depths. If you’re looking to make Link shine bright like a diamond, here’s where you can find the Glowing Fish in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Glowing Cave Fish Location: Caves & Wells

Mabe Village Ruins Well on the map
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Going off their name, one of the more obvious places Glowing Cave Fish can be found is inside caves. They can also sometimes be found inside wells. One area we found them in was inside the Mabe Village Ruins Well (-0071, -0160, 0024). This is located Southeast of the Lookout Landing.

Mabe Village Ruins Well in the day time in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Jump down the well, and you should see four Glowing Cave Fish swimming in the body of water. An important thing to note: once you jump down, you’ll need to use Link’s ascend ability on the cave’s ceiling or fast-travel to one of the surrounding areas to get out.

Glowing Cave Fish swimming in water in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

To catch them, all you need to do is swim up to them quietly and press A when you’re close enough. Sometimes, they’ll go further down into the water, making it impossible to catch them. If that happens, just move away from them and wait until they swim back up closer to the surface.

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