Where to find Keese Eyes in Tears of the Kingdom

I got my eye on you.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Keese Eyes are valuable items because if you fuse them with your arrows, they’ll create homing arrows. These homing arrows will almost guarantee a critical shot. Critical shots not only do double damage, but they also temporarily stun an enemy, allowing you to get a couple of hits in before they get back up.

So if you’re in the market for Keese Eyes, we’re going to tell you where you can find them in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Keese Eye Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Whistling Hill Cave Entrance on Map
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

You can find Keese throughout Hyrule, particularly in caves and the Depths. You’ll sometimes find them in swarms in higher-level areas, though if you attack them, they will flee. One of the locations we found them in was the Whistling Hill Cave, which is located above Teniten Shrine.

Whistling Hill Cave Entrance
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once inside, venture in and you should find some Keese either hanging on the ceiling or flying in the cave. Keese go down after one hit from an arrow or your sword.

Keese in the Whistling Cave, which drops Keese Eyes and Wings
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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