Where to find Raw Meat in Tears of the Kingdom

Gimmie that meat.

Link’s going to need to eat during his adventure, whether that’s to get back health or to get buffs. One of the easiest meals you can make are meat-based dishes, which means you’ll need Raw Meat. We’ve tracked down where you can find Raw Meat in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Let’s take a look.

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Raw Meat Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Map in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To get Raw Meat, you’ll need to hunt animals such as Grassland foxes and Woodland boars. Animals will always drop meat. They can be found throughout Hyrule, with one of the locations we found them in being Hyrule Field. Occasionally, Boko will drop meat.

When it comes to hunting, you need to be quiet. If you run up to an animal, they’ll see you coming and run away.

Hunting a deer in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

So, you’ll need to crouch and sneak up on them with your bow. Once you’re close enough, shoot them with an arrow. These animals, like the boar and fox, will take more than two arrows to take down, so you have to be quick with your bow and arrow.

Raw Prime Meat in Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

There are two types of Raw Meat in the game: the regular kind you’ll see from smaller creatures, and then Prime Raw Meat. Prime Raw Meat regenerates more health than a regular piece of Raw Meat. It’s dropped by medium-sized animals like Bucks and deer.

Get Meat with Wolf Link Amiibo

Wolf link twlight princess
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If you have the Wolf Link Amiibo, you’re in luck! Instead of having to hunt for your meat, you can get a ton of it for free. All you need to do is use your Wolf Link Amiibo and you’ll receive some meat. You can use it every day to score yourself free food. That way, you never have to work for your food every again. The other Zelda-themed Amiibo have benefits as well, so make sure you try them out, too!

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