Where to find Warm Darners in Tears of the Kingdom

They're slippery little buggers.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, it’s likely you’re immersed in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Whether Link’s fighting bosses, finding shrines or building structures, elixirs can help keep you going, especially in colder climates. Warm Darners are a significant part of any concoction, so you’ll want to track them down.

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Warm Darners Location: Akkala Highlands

Tears of the kingdom warm darners location death mountain
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Warm Darners, as their name suggests, like to frequent the hotter areas of Hyrule. Head to the Akkala Highlands, and you should see some start to spawn.

Tears of the kingdom warm darners
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

You’ll find these four-winged fellas once you reach Death Mountain’s base in no time. When you see them, approach them slowly while crouching. Moving too fast will Warm Darners off. Check your noise indicator as you creep up (the purple line left of the minimap). If you’re making a lot of noise, the line will bounce around in a jagged pattern.

Tears of the kingdom warm darner location image
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After you’re close enough to the Warm Darner, press A to grab the creature and add it to your inventory.

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