Who are the new legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce new legendaries.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet will launch in November 2022. Though there are many new Pokemon this time, several standouts include Koraidon and Miraidon. These additions to the Pokemon roster are legendary creatures you can catch depending on your game version. While you may have a tough time choosing your edition, it does help to get some background information.

You’ll find info on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s legendaries here. If you’re stumped on which version to go with, study the information on these Pokemon.

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Koraidon joins players from Pokemon Scarlet. This beast represents the past. Unlike Pokemon Violet, this game edition focuses on an era long passed. This bipedal reptile boasts red scales and a large head crest. Though we don’t know its type just yet, more information will come in months before release.


The legendary in Pokemon Violet is Miraidon. This Pokemon exhibits a futuristic design. Digital eyes and neon scales are on full display. Those who purchase Pokemon Violet will also explore an area honoring the future. Nintendo has yet to share the typing for this legendary, but we’ll update this page as we learn more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet differences

Players will find exclusive creatures in each version of Gen 9. This staple of Pokemon continues its trend in 2022. Though we know some Pokemon are exclusive, we don’t know which ones yet. Return to this page later to see regular updates. Unlike other entries, users will see two professors. Those who purchase Pokemon Scarlet get Professor Sada. On the other hand, fans of Pokemon Violet get Professor Turo. Make the most of your journey with these unique versions. Nintendo also has a double pack that includes both versions of the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Professor Sada professor Turo
Image via Nintendo

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