Who are the strongest MultiVersus characters right now?

These characters stand at the top of the food chain in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is the latest platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games. While the game is off to a strong start, some fighters fair better than others. During the Open Beta phase of the game, some fighters became a menace. Find out which characters are a blight to the MultiVersus community currently.

MultiVersus: Current OP Characters

MultiVersus Most OP Characters
Image via Warner Bros. Games

The following characters are ones we recommend keeping an eye on in the current build of MultiVersus. While they differ in many ways, these choices are a force that outshines other options. If you’re having a tough time with any of these brawlers, we promise it isn’t just a ‘skill issue.’


MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes
Image via Warner Bros. Games

What’s up, Doc? Definitely, your temper when you’re playing against Bugs Bunny. This Looney Tune is a terror on the battlefield. His fast, strong, and varied move set make him a nightmare to deal with. Not only is his kit oppressive, but his aerial attacks like the mallet and bat kill most characters at low damage levels. Get ready to dodge this fighter’s safes, rockets, pies, and ACME supplies, because one mistake could cause your death. The face of Looney Tunes is currently the most overpowered character in MultiVersus.

Iron Giant

Iron Giant Multiversus character
Image via Warner Bros. Games

The canonically gentle giant is anything but in MultiVersus. The first colossal character is a menace in the game’s current build. Boasting the highest win rate in MultiVersus, Iron Giant consistently doles out the most damage in battles. With moves like the ‘Cannonball!’ attack that can easily wrack up dozens of points in damage in mere seconds, he’s a character that continues to oppress players against him and shield allies from damage. Here’s hoping that Player First Games tones his damage output down soon.

MultiVersus: Previous OP Characters

MultiVersus Current characters Shaggy
Image via Warner Bros. Games

The Characters below were once a terror in MultiVersus, but thanks to some tuning from Player First Games, they’re in a much better place balance-wise. Still, it’s important to know how far the game’s come and what players have endured.


MultiVersus Finn the Human
Image via Warner Bros. Games

What time is it? Backpack spamming time if you’re playing Finn. This Assassin class fighter from the Adventure Time series is a serious problem. Not only does he have an absurd array of powerful attacks like ‘High Five, Dude’ and ‘Backpack ‘Em Up!’ but he’s also got some of the wackiest hitboxes in MultiVersus. These attacks can pull you and send you flying even if you’re outside of animation range. Pair this with Finn’s unusually high weight for an Assassin, which makes him hard to launch, and you’ve got the most obnoxious character to enter the free rotation yet.

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MultiVersus Velma Scooby Doo
Image via Warner Bros. Games

Jinkies is right, Velma. There’s a reason this Scooby-Doo investigator dominated at EVO 2022, appearing in plenty of the brackets, including the finals. Velma is the perfect support in MultiVersus. With ranged attacks that buff allies and chase enemies, Velma can stunlock opponents and deal damage from afar. She’s even got an ultimate that lets her call a police car to capture opponents. Velma also has a nasty spike attack that lets her send those who get too close flying off the stage. This is one meddling kid that just might drive you to close the game.


MultiVersus Superman DC Comics
Image via Warner Bros. Games

While Superman isn’t as egregious as the others on this list, he does have several noticeable problems. Most of Superman’s attacks give him substantial super armor, making him an annoyance to fight, but that doesn’t make him broken. What makes him a menace are his command grabs. If Superman grabs you while flying, he can throw you off the stage, killing players at an incredibly low percentage. You might even see the Man of Steel send a lighter character flying below 25%. Needless to say, this attack needs some adjustments. Otherwise, Superman may continue to overpower other characters.

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