Who is Ballistic in Apex Legends? What you need to know about the new Legend

An old professional returns to the fray.

Another legend joins the fray in Apex Legends. The refined gentleman, Ballistic, returns to combat, but who is this seasoned fighter? What brought him to the Apex Games? We’ve got all the info on his lore ready for you here.

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Ballistic: Refined Gunslinger

Apex legends ballistic new outfit gunslinger
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  • Real Name: August Montgomery Brinkman
  • Age: 63
  • Home World: Gaea
  • Class: Assault

August grew up a billionaire orphan after shady deals caught up with his parents (like a certain caped crusader). After growing up sad, alone, and without a supportive butler like Alfred to keep him in check, August went wild. He joined the Thunderdome Games (the precursor to the Apex Games) under the name Ballistic, looking for a place to vent his frustrations.

This unhinged fighter, while skilled, was bombastic and selfish. Thanks to these unforgettable antics, he became the first Thunderdome celebrity.

Apex Legends ballistic thunderdome info young apex legend
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While the negative notions became his legacy in the Thunderdome, Ballistic did meet his eventual wife, Sok Leng, on the battlefield. Though the two became inseparable, even having a child, August’s showboating style didn’t change.

His constant need to show off ended up costing him, as it led to his teammate and brother-in-law, Kit Siang, getting killed in action. After this, August hung up the Ballistic name and spent 20 years in solitude, thanks to the insurmountable guilt he felt.

Ballistic origin story thunderdom kit siang sok leng
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Once August found out his son, Nathaniel, was on the upcoming Apex Games roster, he left his state of squalor and offered himself to the Syndicate for the competition. So long as he fights, his son won’t get drafted, so he keeps returning to the competition. August sees this deal as a fair trade: his son’s safety in exchange for his services. The Thunderdome ruined him over 20 years ago; he doesn’t want that for his son.

Apex Legends Ballistic son nathaniel
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To see the origin of Ballistic’s inclusion in the Apex Games competition, check out his “Encore” story below:

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