All of the FFXIV 9th Anniversary Images

Nine years down, plenty more to go.

FFXIV celebrates its 9th anniversary in 2022! To celebrate, events like The Rising return to keep content rolling! On top of this, Square has featured images of several key characters in the franchise going up on social channels. Because the art for Final Fantasy XIV is so gorgeous, you don’t want to miss these features.

Check the gallery below for each FFXIV images shared on Twitter from the official Final Fantasy XIV account.

FFXIV Anniversary Gallery

FFXIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memories
Image via Square Enix

Square Enix had a new image every day between August 16 and 26. Check the dates and characters showcased during the event below.

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August 16: Thancred

FFXIV Thancred
Image via Square Enix

This is Thancred. As the resident pretty boy of the Scions, it’s not surprising that Thancred was first on the list to get a showcase. The Gunbreaker sports his post-Shadowbringers design, with a gunblade at the ready. After his adventures in Norvrandt, he’s several years wiser and more stoic than in previous expansions. While he comes off a bit cold to those unfamiliar with him, he’s a softie to his closest companions.

August 17: Y’shtola

FFXIV Yshtola 9th anniversary
Image via Square Enix

Next up is the best waifu in all of FFXIV. We don’t make the rules, and we just enforce them. Y’shtola continues to be one of the most dashing, powerful, and intriguing characters in FFXIV. This Scion is a constant ally in the main game and the following expansions. Since her introduction in A Realm Reborn, she’s only grown more illustrious and impressive, with her Shadowbringers outfit highlighting her stature as a powerful sorceress. Make sure to address her respectfully, lest you see humiliation like the “Little Sun” in Stormblood.

August 18: Urianger

FFXIV Urianger 9th anniversary image
Image via Square Enix

The Scion with the most dated vocabulary in all of Eorzea, Urianger Augurelt, makes an appearance on day three. This Astrologian is a soft-hearted companion to the Warrior of Light. Though Urianger talks like something out of a Shakespeare play, he still finds a way to grow on you. Whether taking point in a dungeon or giving cryptic advice, things wouldn’t be the same without him. You’ll see him from A Realm Reborn until after Endwalker, and while you may need a dictionary to understand his dialogue, he’ll warm your heart all the same.

August 19: Alphinaud

FFXIV Alphinaud 9th anniversary image
Image via Square Enix

The first of the twins to make their appearance during the FFXIV anniversary event is Alphinaud! This wise and calculated Scion appears in his Sage gear from the Endwalker expansion. While he may have started as an annoyance in A Realm Reborn, Alphinaud has grown into one of the most beloved characters in the FFXIV Community. Massive shout out to this young mage for looking inward and developing more than almost anyone on the team. The Crystal Braves may have fallen, but this Scion rose from the ashes.

August 20: Alisaie

FFXIV Alisaie 9th Anniversary
Image via Square Enix

Who else could follow Alphinaud but his sister, Alisaie? Though she and her brother look alike, they couldn’t be more different. Alisaie is headstrong and rash, rushing headlong into battle and asking questions later. While she may come off aggressive to those who don’t know her, friends realize that underneath the prickly performance, she has a heart of gold. This twin took up the Red Mage class during Stormblood and has mastered its abilities. Alisaie is one hybrid sorceress enemies don’t want to cross and one of your most reliable comrades.

August 21: G’raha

FFXIV G'raha Tia 9th anniversary image
Image via Square Enix

Next is G’raha, one of the newest additions to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Though he’s new to the team, the Miqo’te continues to steal the hearts of fans. Since his introduction in Shadowbringers as the Crystal Exarch, G’raha continues to be an instrumental part of the Warrior of Light’s team. After returning to The Source with the Warrior of Light, he gets to live out his dream of adventuring with his hero. He’s equal parts inspiring and endearing and one of my personal favorites.

August 22: Tataru

FFXIV Tataru Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Image via Square Enix

Even the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn need a receptionist. That’s where Tataru comes into play! This reliable lalafell may not see combat, but she’s got a set of skills integral to the Scion’s success. You’ll find her sewing garbs for our heroes, working diplomatically with neighboring nations, and raising the team’s morale when times are tough. Few people are as sure to support the Warrior of Light as this humble Ul’dah native.

August 23: Krile

FFXIV Krile 9th Anniversary
Image via Square Enix

The next lalafell Scion, Krile, has a gift only a select few possess in Eorzea. Krile can commune with the souls of others, even those departed via the Echo. Not only is Krile a certified soul-whisperer, but she’s immune to tempering like the Warrior of Light. While this duo shares two integral powers, Krile is a personality all her own. Krile’s intelligence proves invaluable in missions for the Scions, and her benevolence is a boon to all those in need that she meets. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a talented mage, either.

August 24: Estinien

Few warriors are as renowned as Estinien Wyrmblood, the powerful Dragoon introduced in A Realm Reborn. During the Heavensward expansion, Estinien took on the power of Nidhogg’s Eyes, assimilating them and earning the title of Azure Dragoon. Since Heavensward, Estinien’s played a supportive role to the Scions and the Warrior of Light, only joining the team officially in post-Shadowbingers content. Regardless of how long he’s been a part of the team, he’s one of the Warrior of Light’s most impressive allies. Just don’t ask him to go shopping, as shopkeepers easily swindle him.

August 25: Zenos

FFXIV 9th anniversary images Zenos
Image via Square Enix

Every story needs a villain, and who better to play that role in the Warrior of Light’s story than Zenos yae Galvus? This antagonist dates back to Stormblood, where he grew to obsess over the Warrior of Light’s power. After falling in the sophomore FFXIV expansion to beat FFXIV’s protagonist, Zenos cheated death itself, rising to become a central antagonist in Endwalker. The faux ruler of Garlemald only cares for his twisted desires and will burn the world to the ground for a rematch with the Warrior of Light.

August 26: Venat

FFXIV 9th anniversary venat
Image via Square Enix

On the eve of the 9th anniversary of FFXIV, Square Enix showcased Venat. One of the unsundered and dedicated scholars, this brilliant lady plays an integral role in FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion, but we won’t spoil what that is here. We will say she lights the way for the Warrior of Light during the End of Days. . .

On top of the image gallery, players can participate in Patch 6.2, which launched on Tuesday, August 23. The update brought new MSQ missions, the Island Sanctuary, a new raid, and even new armor and mounts.

See the Patch 6.2 trailer below:

The lovely header image comes from the credits in FFXIV: Endwalker, captured by Inverse and used in their Yoshi P article. We recommend visiting to see how this industry titan saved FFXIV after its botched launch.

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