All of the Psuedo Legendaries in Pokemon

Some of the best battlers in the business.

Pseudo-legendaries are some of the most powerful creatures in Pokemon mythos. Each generation has at least one of these rare breeds that trainers can catch and add to their team. Find out where and when these coveted Pokemon come from and what makes them so great.

Every Pseudo Legendary and their Gen

Pokemon Gotcha Dragonite pseudo legendaries gen 1
Image via The Pokémon Company

In each generation, a new pseudo joins the ever-expanding cast of godlike creatures. While their types and appearances vary, one thing stays consistent: these Pokemon are far more powerful than your run-of-the-mill monsters. It may take some time to level them up, but grabbing these guys will surely help you become the Pokemon champion.

Dragonite (Gen I)

Pokemon Dragonite Scarlet and Violet Best Natures
Image via The Pokémon Company
Dragon PokémonDragon/FlyingInner Focus

The very first in this pool of rare beasts is Dragonite. Though this Dragon-type is adorable, its battle prowess is far from cute. Dragonite can sweep entire teams thanks to its oppressive Attack power and varied move pool. You may never know what a trainer’s Dragonite has up its sleeve since this Pokemon can learn so many move types. If you want to take it down, make sure you have a Fairy or Electric type handy, as it won’t go down easy. Just don’t expect to make it flinch, as Inner Focus makes it immune to that action.

Tyranitar (Gen II)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tyranitar Best Natures
Image via The Pokémon Company
Armor PokémonRock/DarkSand Stream

While the first generation offered a Dragon type for its apex predator, Johto brought something different to the table. In Gen II, there’s no bigger brute than Tyranitar, the Armor Pokemon. This Rock/Dark hybrid has no weak spots. With Attack, Defense, and health to boot, you’re hard-pressed to find a more balanced battler. It can even summon a sandstorm when it enters battle, thanks to its Sand Stream ability!

Salamence (Gen III)

Pokemon Salamence Best Natures Scarlet Violet
Image via The Pokémon Company
Dragon PokémonDragon/FlyingIntimidate

The Hoenn region is another to offer a Dragon type as its pseudo partner. Here, you’ll find Salamence, but just because it’s another dragon, don’t assume it’s identical to Dragonite. Unlike the Gen I contender, this strange creature is an attack hound with stats focused on offense. Though its defense isn’t the strongest, it’s got the power to shred any adversary easily. Thanks to its imposing nature, it can also Intimidate others in battle, lowering their Attack stat.

Metagross (Gen III)

Pokemon Metagross pseudo legendaries Genn iii
Image via The Pokémon Company
Iron Leg PokémonSteel/PsychicClear Body

Despite most generations offering only one pseudo-legendary, Gen III of Pokemon is the sole exception. The second of the Hoenn region’s legends is the fan-favorite, Metagross. Attacking and defending, this Pokemon does it all. Thanks to a strong stat pool, there are no weak points for this Steel/Psychic type, and thanks to its Clear Body ability, you can’t lower its stats in battle. Good luck fighting this magnetic monster; you’re going to need it.

Garchomp (Gen IV)

pokemon garchomp
Image via The Pokémon Company
Mach PokémonDragon/GroundSand Veil

Once players make their way to the Sinnoh region, they’ll meet another series staple. While staying in Gen IV’s locale, you’ll find yet another Dragon denizen. Here, it’s Garchomp that stands above the rest. An impressive attacker makes its home underground, often hunting from below the surface with incredible offensive power. It even has improved evasiveness during sandstorms thanks to its Sand Veil ability. As the partner Pokemon of Champion Cynthia, it made a name for itself over a decade ago and has since been a standout success story from the fourth generation of Pokemon.

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Hydreigon (Gen V)

Pokemon Hydreigon Best Natures Scarlet Violet
Image via The Pokémon Company
Brutal PokémonDark/DragonLevitate

Though the Gen V pseudo isn’t the cutest face in the Pokedex, it sure does pack a punch. This Special Attack specialist uses its three heads to overwhelm opponents in battle. While it works best with Special Attacks, Hydreigon is a well-rounded fighter with plenty of points for each stat type. Leave the Ground types behind if you plan to fight this Dark/Dragon Pokemon. Thanks to its Levitate ability, Ground-type attacks aren’t effective.

Goodra (Gen VI)

Pokemon Goodra Pseudo legendary gen VI
Image via The Pokémon Company
Dragon PokémonDragonHydration / Sap Sipper

Unlike Gen V’s contender, Goodra is another cute face, the first we’ve seen since Dragonite! Don’t let that sweet face fool you, though! Goodra is a Dragon Pokemon built to take hits. With a high Special Defense stat, Goodra can tank through most big blows, but that’s not all it can do. Thanks to the Hydration Ability, this Pokemon heals from status effects during rain, and if you fight one with Sap Sipper, Grass-type moves will heal instead of harming it. Goodra isn’t the best attacker in the pseudo set, but it won’t be easy to bring it down.

Kommo-o (Gen VII)

Pokemon Kommo-o Gen VII Pseudo legendary
Image via The Pokémon Company
Scaly PokémonDragon/FightingSoundproof/Bulletproof

Take a trip to Alola and find the pseudo from Gen VII. Here in the tropics, Kommo-o is the apex predator. This Dragon/Fighting type is known for its solid defense. Thanks to its thick scales, you’ll have a tough time breaking this fighter’s guard. Kommo-o also negates any sound-based moves if it boasts Soundproof, while Bulletproof protects it against some ball and bomb attacks. If you have to fight the Scaly Pokemon, you may be in for the long haul.

Dragapult (Gen VIII)

Pokemon Dragapult Pseudo legendary gen VIII
Image via The Pokémon Company
Stealth PokémonDragon/GhostClear Body / Infiltrator

Gen VIII brought one special Pokemon to the pseudo-set. The Stealth Pokemon, Dragapult, is as powerful as it is unique. As a Dragon/Ghost mix, it’s a Pokemon that pairs two of the most deadly types in the series. This speedy attacker can outpace almost any opponent, shooting out the Dreepy from its head as a weapon during fights. To make matters worse, some of these fighters can even ignore barriers entirely, thanks to the Infiltrator ability. Even without all those powers, it’s still one of the coolest-looking Pokemon from Gen VII and one of the most impressive pseudos in the entire catalog.


Pokemon baxcalibur ice dragon pseudo legendary
Image via Bulbapedia
Ice Dragon PokémonDragon/IceThermal Exchange / Ice Body

Gen IX’s pseudo-legendary, Baxcalibur, is the Ice Dragon Pokemon. This titan and its first few forms roam the snow-capped peaks of the Paldea region, and while they don’t level up quickly, the wait is well worth it. This Dragon/Ice type is a powerful physical attacker with a unique attack known as Glaive Rush, sure to send the competition packing.

Once we have a higher-quality image of Baxcalibur, we’ll update this page!

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