Best Unique Minecraft Seeds for Biomes and Structures in Trails and Tales

Explore Cherry Groves, Mangrove Swamps, Bastian Remnants, and more with these seeds.

After sitting down and playing Minecraft Trails and Tales, I’ve gathered my personal list of the best seeds I’ve found based on the variety of biomes and structures you can spawn into. From cherry groves, bamboo jungles and mangrove swamps, to villages, bastian remnants, and Nether fortresses, there’s a little bit of everything here. Explore biomes and structures in Minecraft Trails and Tales in style with these Minecraft Seeds.

Best Unique Minecraft Seeds for Biomes and Structures – Trails and Tales

Every option on this list either contains interesting biome combinations, a biome and a structure, a rare structure, or a rare biome. You won’t find this list anywhere else online because all of these screenshots and seeds were taken, explored, and handpicked by me while playing the Trails and Tales update. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that you have fun exploring the biomes in these seeds I’ve discovered. Let’s take a look at them.

Note: Reminder that structures will only appear if you have Generate Structures turned on.

Jungles, Bamboo, and Mangrove Trees

Jungle Biomes Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: -4238289724588248993

You’ll spawn on a lake at the crossing of a Mangrove Swamp (X: 70, Z: 0), Jungle, Sparse Jungle, Bamboo Jungle (X: -70, Z: -30), and Plains biome. This seed is versatile, breathtaking, and full of life. If you are looking for unique building materials and vegetation, this is the way to go.

The Land of Ice and Snow

Snowy and Cold Biomes Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 6551225185353283711

A fan of snow and ice? This seed is for you. Snowy Plains, Frozen River, Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Snowy Taiga, and Taiga biomes are all lined up for you to explore. This icy adventure is a little dangerous with its Polar Bears, though, so be careful!

Hillside Cherry Grove Abandoned Village

Cherry Grove Abandoned Village Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 8958061691733995975

Build your block life on a beautiful hillside. The Village you spawn in front of (X: 30, Z: 70) may be abandoned and crawling with Zombie Villagers, but it’s nothing you can’t fix up. It’s also adorned with cherry blossom trees in a small Cherry Grove biome, and there are more cherry blossoms just beyond the hill (X: 130, Z: 30).

Tree Height and Type Variety

Types of Forest Biomes Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 387621772927854062

You’ll spawn in a Taiga biome just across the river from an Old Growth Birch Forest, Old Growth Pine Taiga, Birch Forest, and a Dark Forest covered in mushrooms with a Lush Caves biome below it (X: -175, Y: 11, Z: -140).

Lush Caves Biome Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

If you like big trees and you cannot lie, then you need to check out this seed. Important thing to note: there’s a pool of lava (X: -90, Z: -175) causing a forest fire in the Dark Forest, so watch out! If you’re not afraid to get burned, this is a fantastic place to gather lava early in the game.

Savanna Riverside Village

Riverside Savanna Village Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 4635326803037373122

After spawning in, you’ll be just a short walk away from a beautiful riverside Savanna Village (X: 80, Z: 0) with a Plains biome beside it. With rivers on both sides, choose between exploring more Savanna, or a classic Forest biome. Follow the river in the direction of the -X coordinate to find a beach leading into a Lukewarm Ocean.

Sparse Jungle Oceanside Village Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

You’ll also see an oceanside Village (X: -200, Z: -370) in a Sparse Jungle biome there.

Ginormous Cherry Grove and Dripstone Caves

Big Cherry Grove Biome Minecraft best seeds
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: -8173326267081326673

Biomes near spawn include a Forest, Grove, Jagged Peaks, and Plains, but there’s so much more in this seed, I have to give a lot of coordinates.

  • Spawn: X: 45, Z: -5
  • A huge, miles long, gorgeous Cherry Grove biome: X: -172, Z: -172
  • An open entrance to a Dripstone Cave: X: -140, Z: 30
  • A Meadow village next to a Snowy Slopes biome: X: -240, Z: 60
  • Cherry Tree Ring: X: -360, Z: -555
Cherry Grove Ring with Valley Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Travel further out in the Cherry Grove to out to find a breathtaking circular cherry blossom plateau with a Plains valley in the middle. There are also more openings to Dripstone Caves inside the valley.

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Instant Nether Fortress

Ruined Portal Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 66898899103175782

If you want to spawn in and immediately go to a Nether Fortress, you’ll want to use this seed. You will want the Bonus Chest turned on for this one so that you have some wood, as there are no trees in the immediate vicinity, but there is a Ruined Portal right near spawn. There is no Crying Obsidian obstruction. To get to the fortress, open the Ruined Portal chest.

Nether Fortress Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G
  1. There is enough Obsidian in the chest to complete the portal (the leave bottom corner empty)
  2. There are enough Iron Nuggets to make one Iron Ingot, so make a crafting table with your Bonus Chest wood
  3. There’s also two Flint, use one with the Iron Ingot to make a Flint and Steel
  4. If your Bonus chest didn’t have a pickaxe, make one, if it did, skip this step
  5. Dig up some Netherrack to make a non-flammable step up to the portal
  6. Light the portal and go in, you will spawn right next to a Nether fortress
Badlands Zombie Dungeon Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

The seed also contains a Desert, Stone Shore, Badlands, and a Mineshaft (X: -145, Z: 30). There’s also a Dungeon with a Zombie Spawner inside. (X: -225, Z: 20).

Exposed Amethyst Geode

Amethyst Geode Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 6252767175466346729

If you want to start off with an easy, exposed Amethyst Geode, spawn into this Old Growth Birch Forest biome and travel to X: -65, Z: -100. The Geode is open to the air, just within a cave entrance. Remember to make a pickaxe or spawn with a Bonus Chest in order to dig inside.

Stony Peninsula and Ocean Monument

Peninsula Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: -5001107390479028907

Spawn in on a unique looking half Stone Shore, half Forest peninsula in an Ocean and Lukewarm Ocean. Explore the land and exposed cave holes in the shoreline, or make a boat to travel to an Ocean Monument at X: -65, Z: -100.

Ocean Monument Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

That said, you will probably want to get good gear before boating there. There’s plenty of Guardians swimming around that won’t appreciate you being there.

Oceanside Bamboo Jungle and Bastian Remnant

Bamboo Jungle Minecraft
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seed: 8930443011785223231

Spawn may just be a standard Forest biome, but once you leave the area, you’ll find that you’re surrounded by a Lukewarm Ocean, a Savanna, a Jungle, a Sparse Jungle, and a nice size Bamboo Jungle at X: 300, Z: -50.

Screenshot by Radiant G

You will also be near a Ruined Portal (X: 325, Z: 115), but no easy access like in the previous mention. However, if you do finish the portal, you will spawn in a Soul Sand Valley a short 40-block walk away from a clearly exposed Bastian Remnant at Nether Coordinates X: 80, Z: 100.

Minecraft Trails and Tales went live on June 7, 2023 and is the most recent major update for the game. For more Minecraft content, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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