Great plus-sized characters in indie romance games

I just want to kiss them all.

Plus-sized characters have been the butt of jokes in all forms of media for a very long time. They aren’t the object of affection like skinny characters are, and instead are just a quick way to get laughs out of people. They’re also framed as being “ugly” because of their weight when in actuality, they’re beautiful, and not undesirable at all. Unfortunately, many plus-size characters have historically had little to no personality to speak of either, since the narrative would solely focus on their weight.

Thankfully, society has started to become more accepting of those who are plus-sized and the idea of body positivity. Video games, indie games in particular, have done a fantastic job at creating fantastic, diverse characters of all sexualities, genders, and body types: something we would not have seen 10 years ago in the medium.

It’s nice to see that plus-sized characters, who were once seen as “undesirable” getting placed in romance games as romance options. To celebrate body positivity and society slowly moving forward towards acceptance, here are some great plus-sized characters in romance games.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Joy Johnson-Johjima (Monster Camp)

Joy Johnson-Johjima from Monster Camp - Great Plus-Sized Characters
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

First featured in Monster Prom, Joy of the Coven comes back in Monster Camp. This time, she is one of the six main romance options for you and your friends to fight over, and why wouldn’t you? She, along with her friends in The Coven, has saved the world from ending numerous times. She even tries to stop Z’Gord, a deadly monster that Polly and Scott summon in the PRANK MASTERZ ending in Monster Prom.

Despite the ensuing chaos and her friends and classmates perishing around her, Joy is courageous and set on her mission of saving the world or die trying. She’s confident and she knows what she wants in a partner, so you’ll need to do a lot to impress her and she won’t settle for anything less. And honestly? We love a woman who knows what she wants in life.

Isabelle Morrigan (ValiDate)

Isabelle Morrigan from ValiDate - Great Plus-Sized Characters
Image via Veritable Joy Studios

Isabelle is one of the playable characters in the first volume of ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area. An angel of a person, Isabelle is incredibly supportive of those in her life and makes their lives a thousand times better just because she’s in it. In Malik’s chapter, she was incredibly into his music, even going as far as reciting lyrics to one of his songs and wanting to know about it. Not to mention, at home, she is always helping out her siblings.

However, Isabelle, much like the other characters in ValiDate, she’s more than just what she presents herself as to others, making her an incredibly real and relatable character to some. Deep down, she’s struggling, not able to show the same love and support to herself as she can to others.

She feels like an embarrassment to her family, constantly being met with criticism by her abuela and she is struggling to write her script because she is constantly questioning her ability as a writer. Throughout her chapter, you see her gain the support she desperately needs so that one day when she is ready, she can be in a healthy relationship with someone.

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Muktuk (Potionomics)

Muktuk from Potionomics - Great Plus-Sized Characters
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Muktuk is an eccentric and talented blacksmith who loves art and he isn’t afraid to let you know about it. He is one of the first characters that Sylvia encounters and he is eager to help her out by giving her brand-new shelves and cauldrons to purchase. Muktuk values Sylvia greatly as both a friend and a fellow artist!

Anytime you visit him and leave, he always tells you how he hates to see you leave. Whenever you hang out with him, you learn more about his passion for art, creating art, and more, showing just how knowledgeable he is.

There is a moment in his rank 6 scene where talks to Sylvia about art, the creator, the context in which the piece formed, and if we can truly admire artwork in isolation even if the artist isn’t a good person or the history behind the piece.

Given his light-hearted character, it’s incredibly profound and if you happen to say you can still admire the work. Muktuk disagrees with you, saying it would be the height of hubris to ignore history and the art’s creator. Muktuk, is a kind and introspective soul that makes him one of the best romance options in Potionomics.

Shoji (C14 Dating)

Shoji from C14 Dating - Great Plus-Sized Characters
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

Shoji is one of the romance options Melissa meets at her summer archaeological internship. He’s an introverted guy who prefers to stay away from parties to focus on his studies and play his favorite video games.

While Shoji does fall into the stereotypical nerd trope a bit, he isn’t afraid to be a hero when needed like when he carries Melissa to safety and gets her the help she needs after she nearly passes out from low blood sugar due to being a type one diabetic.

Shoji is an adorable man who over the course of the game, learns to be comfortable with who he is, gaining some much needed self-confidence and that is all thanks to Melissa. Paired with the fact they both love video games, the two are able to form a strong connection, let it be platonic or romantic.

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