One Piece Card Game: The Most Expensive Cards in OP-06

See what cards sell for the most in OP06: Wings of the Captain.

It’s no secret that the One Piece Card Game skyrocketed in popularity following OP-05’s launch in December 2023, mainly due to its cards’ worth. With the release of OP 06: Wings of the Captain, several high-cost cards join the list of those that go for quite a bit on the open market. Here are the most valuable cards you can get in OP06.

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Top 10 Most Expensive OP06 Cards

one piece OP 06 cards
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Below, you’ll find the ten most expensive cards on OP06-Wings of the Captain, their price, and the card number. Keep in mind that prices do fluctuate over time. We’ll do our best to keep this page up to date with current prices! All Op06 Wings of the Captain prices come courtesy of TCG Player.

Last Update: March 25, 2024

10. Treasure Rare Nami (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: ST01-007
  • Market Price: $102.17

Yet another variant of the One Piece Card Game Starter Deck 01 Nami makes its way into OP06 with the Treasure Rare Nami. While players are split on how they feel about this design, there’s no debating its worth, coming in at over $100.

9. Perona (093) (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-093
  • Market Price: 104.13

Everyone’s favorite ghost girl in One Piece, Perona, gets alternate art for her new OP06 card, which is worth over $104 and sports an alternate version of the popular antagonist.

8. O-Nami (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-114
  • Market Price: $107.60

My personal favorite alternate art card of OP06 is O-Nami, and I’m not alone in loving it, with the market price hitting over $107 for the card.

7. Gecko Moria (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-080
  • Market Price: $123.76

The notorious Gecko Moria alternate art leader is another Thriller Bark card that players can’t wait to get their hands on, with prices jumping to over $120 on the open market.

6. Charlotte Linlin (SP)

  • Card Number: OP03-114
  • Market Price: $131.50

The Charlotte Linlin card from OP 03: Pillars of Strength sees a rare variant for the former Emporer featuring full art.

5. Perona (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-021
  • Market Price: $133.06

My personal chase card and an incredible alternate art leader, Perona, come in just above $130, and with such a cute design, it’s hard not to want this variant.

4. Vinsmoke Reiju (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-042
  • Market Price: $135.64

One of the most popular alternate arts for leaders in OP06 is Vinsmoke Reiju, and if you’re lucky enough to pull her, you can net yourself over $130 for the card.

3. Rebecca (SP)

  • Card Number: OP05-091
  • Market Price: $149.71 (USD)

A reprint of a card from OP05, The Rebecca blocker card gives another art variant for the SP card, and one that comes close to $150.

2. Yamato Leader (Alternate Art)

  • Card Number: OP06-022
  • Market Price: $182.64 (USD)

The alternate art for the Yamato leader from OP06 is a coveted card that costs just shy of $200, and plenty of players are hunting down the rare variant.

1. Roronoa Zoro (Alternate Art-Manga)

one piece tcg card game roronoa zoro
  • Card Number: OP06-118
  • Market Price: $1,579.00 (USD)

The rarest card in OP06 is the Manga variant of the Roronoa Zoro SP card, worth over $1500 just weeks after launch, with the series still in print. It might not be as valuable as the Gear Five Luffy Manga card, but it’s still a staggering price for the rare card.

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