The Most Forgettable Four-Stars in Genshin Impact

The least used four-stars in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has gone through a lot of character banners since its launch in 2019. With the ever-changing roster, it only made sense that some characters would be forgotten or become barely used as time went on. Four-star characters often fall into this boat, as some of them are niche or have been replaced with a better unit. Below are the most forgettable four-star characters in Genshin Impact.


Xinyan Genshin Impact
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Xinyan has a great design, and she is a heartwarming character. The main problem with her is that she just doesn’t have a great kit. She’s a Pyro claymore user, but she isn’t exactly a hard hitter. Her elemental skill creates a Pyro shield, but it isn’t exactly the most useful shield in the game.

She also took quite a bit to be featured in an event after launch, and her usage in the Spiral Abyss is low. Xinyan isn’t a character that many people pull for, and she certainly isn’t making her way into any of the top team comps.


Yanfei Genshin Impact
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Yanfei has an adorable design, and she’s part Qilin, much like Ganyu. She is a Pyro catalyst user, but she hasn’t quite caught on with many fans. There are several Pyro characters that are more useful than Yanfei, especially since she is a DPS. Diluc, Bennett, and Klee are all much better choices to place on a team in comparison to Yanfei.

Personality-wise, the fanbase is a bit split as she does talk a lot and her personality revolves around her job. While many players like me find this cute, the rest of the fanbase prefers colder characters like Shenhe or Xiao during story events.

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Chongyun became relevant again when it was revealed that he and auntie Shenhe were related. It also helped that the niche five-star and Chongyun could work well together in a party. Outside of that, Chongyun isn’t put into a team regularly as he isn’t the best Cryo five-star, and his burst can make some teams awkward to work with as it applies Cryo to attacks.

With characters like Diona, Rosaria, and Qiqi, it can be pretty hard to find a reason to slot Chongyun into a team, even if you are running Mono Cryo. Due to this, he’s mostly been forgotten, and when he does appear, it’s along with Xingque, one of the best support characters currently in the game.


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Amber is a four-star who only pops up when someone needs to light torches, and they don’t have another Pyro character to do so. Yoimiya the Pyro five-star replaced Amber on her birthday as the games Pyro bow-user, and since then, Amber’s popularity has continued to plummet due to her underwhelming kit and fewer and fewer Pyro torch puzzles appearing in the game.

Amber has a great design and a great personality, but her kit desperately needs a boost. Neither her elemental skill nor elemental burst are all that game-changing, and she neither performs well as a DPS nor as a support unit.

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