Apex Legends Gaiden Event cosmetics are inspired by famous anime

Become the anime protagonist of your dreams.

Ever since the release of Apex Legends, there has been a huge overlap in the game’s fanbase, and anime fans. From fans making faux anime intros with the trailer clips, to the huge fanbase of Apex Legends in Japan. Now, that connection is taking the main stage for the brand-new Gaiden Event. The Gaiden Event is a two-week thematic event with 40 new anime-themed cosmetics, and a chance to unlock the second Mythic evolving Legend skin. Let’s take a look.

Gaiden Event Anime-themed Cosmetics

Gaiden Event Octane Skin
Screenshot via Respawn

The Gaiden Event’s cosmetics have Legend skins, weapon skins, and Banner Frames inspired by various popular anime. Some of the most iconic anime with a cosmetic cameo are One Piece, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Tokyo Ghoul. These cosmetics will appear in normal Apex Packs, and be craftable after the event.

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Armed and Dangerous Limited-Time Mode

Armed and Dangerous
Image via Respawn

Bring out the Peacekeepers, and charge up those Sentinels, because Armed and Dangerous is back. The Armed and Dangerous LTM removes all weapons from the game except for Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. Close-combat may seem like the way to go, but when you’re in a fight, you never know what sniper could be hiding in the shadows. Choose your forte, or flex between both.

Other Gaiden Event Features

Apex Commander Tier 1
Screenshot via Respawn

There are two other main draws for the Gaiden Event. One is that if you unlock all 40 thematic cosmetics for the event, you will unlock the Mythic Bangalore Skin, Apex Commander. Like the previous Mythic skin, it has three tiers you can unlock via gameplay. The other is a set of Flash Event-style Prize Trackers, one for each week.

The Gaiden Event will be live in Apex Legends from July 19 until August 2.

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