Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event drops March 7

New event items and features come to Apex Legends on March 7.

The fourth-anniversary celebrations for EA’s Apex Legends continue with another new event. The Imperial Guard Collection Event brings new bundles, features, and skins for those who participate. With so much new content coming to Apex in early March, we break down the key elements here.

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Apex Legends Mixtape playlist image
Image via Electronic Arts

One of the standout changes coming in the Imperial Guard Collection Event update is Mixtape: a permanent playlist that rotates Tead Deathmatch, Control, and Gun Run. The new playlist should give those needing a break from Battle Royale a way to spice up their Apex Legends experience. Each playlist has a set number of players needed to start, which we’ve listed below:

  • Players required for Battle Royale Mode: 30
  • Players required for Team Deathmatch mode: 12
  • Players required for Control Mode: 6
  • Players required for Gun Run: 6

Imperial Guard Collection Event Items

Apex Legends Imperial Guard collection event list
Image via Electronic Arts

The Imperial Guard Collection Event brings 24 limited-timed cosmetics for players to earn. This event item set contains Legendary skins for Wraith, Gibraltar, and Loba. All 24 new cosmetics are up for grabs, with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals traded for the new items.

Players can also find these new event items in the Imperial Guard Collection Event Apex Packs. As a bonus, Crafting Metal costs for each event item will be 50% lower than the average price. You can see the probabilities for each item type in the Event Packs below:

Apex Legends Imperial Collection event items probability
Image via Electronic Arts

Respawn also announced the new version of Wraith’s Kunai Heirloom: Hope’s Dawn, with a new set of details and animations.

Store Tab

Apex Legends Imperial Guard collection event
Image via Electronic Arts

Along with the new Imperial Guard event, there are new bundles in the Store tab with Imperial themes from March 7, which include the following. The Down Right Fierce Bundle is only up from March 7 until March 14:

  • Spirit of Protection Bundle: 5,000 Apex Coins
  • Deadly Relic Bundle: 2,500 Apex Coins
  • Down Right Fierce Bundle: 2,150 Apex Coins

From March 14 to March 21, another set of new cosmetic bundles, including the Air Orchid Bonus Bundle.

  • Air Orchid Bonus Bundle: 2,500 Apex Coins

To see the full Imperial Guard Collection Event trailer, check the video from EA here:

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