Apex Legends Threat Level Event drops May 23

Show how dangerous you are!

Ready to show how much of a threat you are in the arena? Apex Legends is giving players the chance to do just that in the Threat Level Event when it rolls out into the game May 23. This event brings back a beloved limited time game mode, as well as some sickening skins for Legends. Let’s take a look at what the Threat Level Event has to offer.

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Control Mode is back

Apex Legends Control
Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex community voted for what mode they would like to see for this event: Control, TDM, or Gun Run, with Control coming up on top! For those unfamilar, in Control, two teams made up of nine players go against each other to see who can score the most points by capturing and holding Control Zones. So if you want to win, make sure you have a good offense and defense!

Apex Legends Threat Level Event Rewards

Apex Legends Threat Level Event Reward Tracker
Image via Respawn Entertainment

As per usual with Apex Legend’s events, there are rewards you can get by simply completing your daily challenges. You’re able to earn up to 1,600 points every day, so by dedicating an hour or two of your day to the game, you’ll be able to unlock Holosprays, charms, and even the ultimate prize: an skin for Crypto.

Store Tab

Pathfinder Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In addition to three Holosprays, there are seven bundles players can purchase during the course of the Threat Level Event. All the Event skins are available until June 6, so if you really want one of these limited-edition skins, make sure you get them before the event ends!

The following bundles feature limited-time skins from the Threat Level Event:

  • Deep Skin Scientist Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Eternal Reign Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Gilded Sentinel Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Gilded Guardian Bundle: 1,000 Apex Coins
  • Golden Grenadier Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Noxious Nobleman Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins
  • Phantom Phaser Bundle: 2,950 Apex Coins

The Apex Legends Threat Level Event runs from May 23 to June 6. To see some of the content in action, check out the Threat Level Event trailer below.

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