Armed and Dangerous LTM returns for Apex Legends Dressed to Kill Collection Event

If looks could kill...

Another major event is here for Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal, and this time it’s all about looks. It’s an event collection full of high-fashion skins. They’re ready for the runway, or the ring. It’s time to battle in style. For Dressed to Kill, the Armed and Dangerous Limited-Time Mode is back. It’s the perfect game mode for some stylish trick shots. There are also some other balance changes made to the game. Let’s take a look.

Armed and Dangerous LTM

Dressed to Kill Armed and Dangeous Promo Image
Image via Respawn

Armed and Dangerous in a Limited Time Mode that has been around since Season 2: Battle Charge. Originally debuting in the Voidwalker event in 2019, the game mode has returned to Apex Legends a few different times. It’s back again in 2023 for Dressed to Kill. The Gold Fully Kitted weapons featured are the Peacekeeper and the Charge Rifle, which you can craft in the Replicator. The Charge Rifle has been removed from floor loot.

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Dressed to Kill Event Collection

Dressed to Kill Horizon Legendary skin
Screenshot via Respawn

The new skins for the Dressed to Kill Collection Event are fashion-forward and seem to be based around a white, black, and gold theme. The characters featured in the store bundles are the Crypto [CLASSIFIED] Bundle with five Event Packs, and the Newcastle Chaperone Bundle with three Event Packs.

Other Changes

Other game changes include a Crafting Weapon rotation, a huge nerf to Seer, and a bunch of Quality-of-Life changes in the Firing Range. The Alternator and Sentinel return to the ground loot, while the R-99 and the Rampage are going into the Crafting Replicator. The Firing Range will now allow players to play in Third Person Mode, and there will also be a toggle for a general-purpose timer. For any other changes, please refer to the Dressed to Kill Patch Notes.

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