Awakening Collection Event adds Lifeline Town Takeover, new Control map to Apex Legends

Get patched up at Lifeline's Clinic in the Awakening Collection Event.

Apex Legends has gotten into the routine of doing three major events every season. For Season 13: Saviors, the first event is the Awakening Collection Event. The Awakening Collection Event features a whole bunch of new in-game cosmetics in the actual collection per usual, but it also features a bunch of exciting new gameplay opportunities too. From a new Point of Interest (POI), to a new map. Let’s take a look.

New Town Takeover: Lifeline’s Clinic

Lifeline's Clinic
Image via Respawn

It’s Lifeline’s turn for a Town Takeover, and the combat medic lives up to her name. Legends can heal inside of her clinic on Olympus, but be warned, there isn’t much stealth involved in the healing process. One team per game can also use the Care Package Console on the emergency platform. This will call in some high-tier loot for the team that makes it there first.

New Control Map: Lava Siphon

Control World's Edge
Screenshot via Respawn

Control returns to Apex Legends again, this time with a brand-new map. The map rotation for control now includes the World’s Edge Point of Interest, Lava Siphon. That means in total there are four Control maps, though only three are currently in rotation.

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Awakening Collection Event Cosmetic Collection

Awakening Collection Event Cosmetics
Screenshot via Respawn

The cosmetics for the Awakening Collection Event have a high science fiction, full-on robotic look to them. While most of the Apex Legends world is sci-fi, this event collection turns the dial on that all the way up. Most of the Legend skins are available through the event collection itself, but there is a Pathfinder skin on the Prize Tracker.

The Awakening Collection Event debuts in Apex Legends on June 21, 2022, and will run for the standard duration of two weeks. The event ends on July 5, 2022.

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