Black Adam and Patch 1.05 are out now for MultiVersus

The hierarchy of power in MultiVersus is about to change.

Black Adam finally joins the MultiVersus cast after months of waiting. Now, players can take control of the DC powerhouse in MultiVersus. Though the wait was long, Player First Games is happy to have this titan on the roster.

Black Adam joined the MultiVersus roster on October 31, 2022, with the 1.05 update. While the fighter has similar abilities to the DC icon Superman, the two are very different. Unlike Superman, Black Adam is a Bruiser, using heavy melee attacks to take down his prey. Player First Games posted the following Tweet after the game added the DC demigod.

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In the Patch Notes for 1.05, Player First Games also added the following showcase image for the DC legend.

Black Adam (DC Comics)

Black Adam DC Comics multiversus
Image via Player First Games

To see the full Black Adam gameplay trailer on YouTube, visit the video below. See this Bruiser beat down the competition with his godlike power.

Black Adam is the 22nd fighter to join the MultiVersus roster, with each character employing a class: Bruiser, Mage, Assassin, or Tank. As an expert level fighter, users can buy Black Adam for 3,000 Gold or by using 700 of the game’s premium currency: Gleamium. Who joins the roster next is anyone’s guess, as Black Adam is likely the last fighter to join during MultiVersus Season One.

Black Adam new image multiversus
Image via Player First Games

Though Black Adam is the most significant addition in Patch 1.05, other changes are coming to the WB Games platform fighter. Some standout additions include Arcade Mode’s Alpha, which lets players party up with friends to take on AI opponents. The Silly Queue also joins the lineup of activities, allowing players to participate in goofy matches with up to three modifiers. Several balance changes also appear in the platform higher, making the characters more even in fights. It’s an update sure to expand the content in the live-service title.

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