DarkZero becomes Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Champions

Welcome DarkZero, your Apex Legends Global Series 2022 Champions!

The Apex Legends Global Series 2022 is one of the most exciting competitive events of the summer. Though several teams competed for first place, only one could be champion. This year, the winner was DarkZero.

The Apex Legends Esports channel praised the winning players from DarkZeroGG for their victory. Genburten, Sharky3415, and Zer0OCE took home the prize this year. Not only is this team championing the year, but this is their second straight win in a tournament event.

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DarkZero pulled a fantastic turnaround in the final round, starting in sixth with 52 points, while the leader, Furia, held 85. Because they had significant ground to make up, they’d need a superb final round to take the lead.

Apex Legends ALGS Final Standings
Image via DarkZeroGG

In the end, DarkZero clinched Match Point after climbing to 70 points to overtake Furia as the 2022 ALGS Champions. Furia finished second with 85 points, while 100 Thieves secured the final podium spot at 75 points. All in all, it was a fantastic championship series that saw large crowds, social media attention, and excitement all around.

We’ve also got the game-winning moment below:

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