Death Dynasty Collection Event brings double XP to Apex Legends

Death has a grip on this one.

It’s not often that Apex Legends ends a season with a collection event and then starts the following season with another one. But for Season 18: Resurrection, it’s exactly that with the Death Dynasty Collection Event. With it comes a new event collection, a new Heirloom recolor for Revenant, and double experience points in certain game modes. Let’s take a look.

Death Dynasty Event Collection

Event Pack bundles Death Dynasty
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The Death Dynasty Collection Event skins seems to be recolors either for Epic skins which are always recolors, or of formerly released Legendary skins. The featured skins for the 7-pack bundle pack is the Rampart Hellforger skin, a recolor of her Limit Breaker skin from the Awakening Collection Event. The 3-pack bundle features the Crypto Darkwatcher skin, a recolor of his Wintertide Collection Event skin, Elf Made.

Death Grip Revenant Heirloom
Screenshot via Respawn

Buying out the collection event will earn you Death Grip, a recolor of Revenant’s Heirloom.

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Two Different Weeks of Double XP

Double Experience Points for the Death Dynasty Collection Event take place in two waves. For the first week of the collection event, there will be double XP for playing Battle Royale mode. The second week will have double XP again, but this time in Mix Tape.

August 8-15 – Battle Royale Double XP

Battle Royale 2XP includes Duos, Trio, and Ranked Leagues.

August 15-22 – Mixtape Double XP

Mixtape 2XP includes Gun Run, Team Deathmatch, and Control.

There is no Limited-Time Mode, but there are two new maps in Mixtape from Broken Moon. These new maps are The Core (Gun Run and Team Deathmatch) and Production Yard (Control). These map are not event specific, however, and will still be there when the event is over this season, and whenever they are in rotation for Mixtape.

The Apex Legends Death Dynasty Collection Event runs from August 8 to August 22.

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