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Be a Tournament Organizer.

Since Apex Legends launched, private matches and tournaments were only for select players and organizations. When I considered hosting a tournament, I had to work with an esports company. And when I competed as a player, I know the hosts also had a tournament admin code. The days of jumping through hoops to get a private match/tournament code though, are finally over. The Spellbound Collection Event is adding Private Match access to Apex Legends for all users on January 10.

New Private Matches in Apex Legends

Creating Private Matches in the menu
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Creating a Private Match will still be in the Private Match side of the Select a Game Mode, but instead of the message reading “Enter a Tournament Admin Code to create a match”, there will be a Create Match button for all players. There is currently no information on whether holding tournaments with monetary rewards will still have some sort of regulation, but everyone will have access to the tourney format. This feature is in the game forever, even when the event is over.

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Details in Private Matches
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Each private match has room for: 20 teams (each with their own color), 60 players, 5 observers. Those with tourney experience will recognize the format, but for some players this will be brand-new. When you join, you can click a color. Some tournament organizers (TOs) will say choose any color, while others may have assigned colors to certain teams. Click as instructed to join your team, and you can rename it once you have joined.

Other Spellbound Collection Event features

In addition to the new Private Matches, the Spellbound Collection Event is also bringing some balance changes, bug fixes, a crafting weapon rotation, the return of Control with some changes to the game mode, a new prize tracker, a new event collection, and Seer’s heirloom.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event runs from January 10 to January 24.

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