Fall Guys experiences server issues during Free For All launch

Fall Guys sees some technical difficulties.

Fall Guys went free to play with Free For All, launching on June 21. While players enjoy the content, connecting to the online servers has been challenging. Integrating each version of the game into the Epic Games interface caused several issues.

Some users are unable to join friends, while others cannot matchmake at all. Mediatonic is aware of the issues plaguing Fall Guys. The team took to social media to share updates with players.

While the issues persist, for now, developers are providing updates regularly on their Twitter Page.

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While Fall Guys has seen some growing pains, the launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch means players can enjoy the title on all current-generation platforms. Once the developers iron out these bugs, the title could recapture the magic of its initial launch back in 2020.

New additions like extra levels and a paid Season Pass with cosmetic items promise to keep things interesting. To see a preview of this season’s cosmetic offerings, watch the trailer below:

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