FFXIV celebrates Endwalker Anniversary on Twitter

Happy anniversary Endwalker!

FFXIV is a mainstay in the MMO genre and a title that sees more players join yearly. Part of the reason so many new players pop in is thanks to consistent content additions and expansions. On December 7, 2021, the fourth major expansion for FFXIV, Endwalker, dropped for players to enjoy. Since then, the momentum of Final Fantasy XIV has only compounded.

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To commemorate this unforgettable date, Square Enix and the FFXIV page made a post exactly one year after the release of Endwalker, which included a poem relating to the content. You can see the post from their Twitter page below, which contains some beautiful Endwalker artwork.

Though it’s been a year since the last major expansion for FFXIV, the game continues to offer regular updates to players. Notable patches like 6.2’s Buried Memory and the upcoming 6.3’s Gods Revel, Lands Tremble keep users coming back. Next year FFXIV plans to drop another significant expansion as well, further adding to the game’s near bottomless pit of content.

It’s been a successful year for the Square Enix MMO, and the good news continues. Fans and critics praise Final Fantasy XIV, with the title receiving two nominations in the 2022 Game Awards. FFXIV is up for Best Community Support and Best Ongoing Game at this year’s award show, competing with other live services like Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends.

FFXIV Best ongoing game nomination game awards
Image via The Game Awards

To see how FFXIV does at the award show, tune into The Game Awards on Twitch on December 8, 2022!

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