FFXIV shares big plans for fall events and updates

There's plenty to do in Eorzea this autumn!

FFXIV continues to update the popular MMO with new events and patches to keep things fresh. While players recently had the Buried Memory Patch added, more surprises are coming before autumn ends.

FFXIV Patch 6.25

Patch 6.25 of FFXIV, the next big update for Square Enix’s premier MMO, promises to add several key features for players to experience in Eorzea. A Letter from the Producer Live showcase on October 8 shared several key updates players can expect, including Variant and Criterion Dungeons.

FFXIV Patch 6.25 update letter from the produces info
Image via Square Enix

The Golden Joystick Awards

Despite Square Enix focusing on these updates, they have an award show just around the corner. FFXIV saw three nominations at the Golden Joystick Awards this year. Because of the continued support for the MMO, FFXIV is in the running for the following:

  • Best Game Community
  • Still Playing
  • Best Expansion (Endwalker)

Voting for the award show is open until November 4, 2022, with the entire show debuting on November 22.

FFXIV Golden Joystick Awards Nominations
Image via Square Enix

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All Saints’ Wake 2022

Following the Golden Joystick Awards announcement, Square Enix revealed the return of the All Saints’ Wake seasonal event. In All Saints’ Wake, players can complete a limited-time quest for access to rare glamour, items, and emotes. This year’s offerings include the Wake Doctor Armor Set, an Eat Pumpkin Cookie Emote, and the Caged Wisp decoration. Saints’ Wake runs from October 19, 2022, until November 1, 2022.

FFXIV All Saints Wake Event glamour emote tabletop item
Image via Square Enix

Once the All Saints’ Wake Event ends, the items on offer disappear, only returning after a year as paid items in the FFXIV Online Store.

New Emotes

Square Enix also announced that new emotes would join the ever-expanding roster of cosmetics in FFXIV as part of the 6.25 Patch. You can see a sneak peek of the unnamed addition below.

FFXIV Patch 6.28 New Emote
Image via Square Enix

The Dynamis Data Center

Not only are the teams at Square Enix preparing for award shows and upcoming patches, but they also have plans to add a new Data Center to FFXIV. In addition to Patch 6.28, a new Data Center, Dynamis, launches on November 1, 2022. Players can expect the four unique worlds once they return following this update, with incentives for those who join these new servers.

October and November promise to be busy months for FFXIV, with plenty for players to look forward to.

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