Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide Now Coming April 18

The final DLC for Final Fantasy XVI finally has a release date.

Final Fantasy fans rejoice! The final DLC for Final Fantasy XVI, The Rising Tide, finally has a release date: April 18. During a panel at PAX East, Naoki Yoshida, DLC director Takeo Kujiraoka, and localization director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox shared information on the upcoming expansion, including its release date and a synopsis of the content.

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The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy XVI focuses on the long-lost Eikon of Water, Leviathan. After the Dominant sends a letter to Clive and his crew for help, the party ventures to Mysidia, a hidden land under a blue sky, to answer the call for aid. Here, the history of a forgotten people lies in wait for the group of Dominants to discover.

Square Enix shared promotional artwork on the upcoming DLC to their Twitter page shortly after the presentation:

Like in Echoes of the Fallen, the max level increases in this DLC, raising to 60 in Story/Action-Focus Mode and 110 in Final Fantasy Mode.

To see the full trailer for Final Fantasy XVI – The Rising Tide, check out the video below:

The Rising Tide DLC is available as part of the Final Fantasy XVI Expansion Pass and as a separate purchase. It is the second piece of additional content, following Echoes of the Fallen, which dropped in December 2023.

Players must unlock the Origin location and complete the Priceless main scenario quest to participate in the DLC.

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