Fragment East now has mid-tier loot in Apex Legends

Loot farming just got even better in Apex Legends!

Apex Legends continues to enthrall fans, and with the debut of Season 14: Hunted, Respawn continues to alter the game. Some of the changes include different drop rates for loot in the latest season update.

The most popular drop spot in World’s Edge, Fragment East, is the only Point of Interest (POI) on World’s Edge to see a loot update. Though this game area only housed low-tier loot in Season 13: Saviors, players can now find mid-tier loot in this POI. With improved loot, players also have more options when dropping in this already hot drop zone.

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Despite over a dozen seasons, Apex Legends looks more robust daily. Other updates for Hunted include balance and ordinance updates to make the game smoother. Newcastle, Valkyrie, and the Bocek Bow are among those seeing major adjustments for Season 14.

Not only can players expect changes to loot drops, but also a new battle pass. The Hunted Battle Pass brings new themed rewards and skins to commemorate the season. To see this season’s offerings in action, check out the video below:

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