Loba joins Apex Legends Mobile for Season 1.5: Cold Snap

She's a maneater and a ladykiller.

Apex Legends Mobile launched with 10 Legends on its roster. This includes the eight pre-launch Legends from the original Apex Legends, and the main game’s Season 1 Legend, Octane. It also includes the first mobile-only Legend, Fade. For Season 1.5: Cold Snap, another Legend from the PC/Console version Apex Legends is joining the roster. Loba Andrade, better known as just Loba, is a support Legend introduced to the main game in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor.

New Legend: Loba

Loba at Climatizer Apex Legends Mobile
Image via Respawn

Loba’s Support abilities make gathering loot a lot easier. Her passive shows her high-tier loot through walls and supply bins, and her ultimate lets her and her teammates to gather loot within a certain radius. She can also teleport with her tactical ability.

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Apex Legends Roster Balance

Loba being introduced to Apex Legends Mobile made one thing extremely clear. The original order characters were added to Apex Legends is not the order the mobile version is getting them. Wattson, Crypto, and Revenant are not yet in the game, despite being introduced to the main game earlier than Loba.

With the addition of Loba to Apex Legends Mobile, the mobile roster stands at 5 Offensive Legends, 2 Defensive Legends, 2 Recon Legends, and 2 Support Legends. This is a much more balanced roster for Support Legends than the line-up for the main game. The PC/Console version has 21 playable characters, and still only 2 Support Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.5: Cold Snap debuts June 14. Cold Snap will introduce a new Battle Pass, and an updated Point of Interest (POI) with the new Climatizer update. Since it is not a fully new season, it will not introduce a new Ranked season.

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