MultiVersus debuts number one on the July gaming charts

Welcome to the big leagues, MultiVersus!

MultiVersus is doing quite well for itself. With the Open Beta releasing in late July, the game used these few short days to take the crown for sales during this long summer month. It’s fair to say that WB Games and Player First Games have a hit on their hands.

Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group shared the top-performing gaming during July 2022 on Twitter on August 19. MultiVersus numbers are impressive, beating out the competition in five days.

Check the stats for MultiVersus overall and by the console in the NPD Group charts below:

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Though MultiVersus is free to play, players can purchase cosmetics like skins, emotes, and banners to customize their characters. Founder’s Pack owners also get exclusive rewards like Character Tickets that unlock playable characters automatically. There are currently 17 fighters, with more on the way.

New characters like Rick, Morty, Black Adam, and Stripe arrive during the game’s first season. Player First Games has a clear plan to ride the momentum of MultiVersus’ success.

MultiVersus dropped jaws in August when it surpassed 10 million players in less than a month. shares real-time updates on the game’s status, and the player list keeps climbing, currently sitting at 12 million. The future is looking bright for MultiVersus, a live service done right.

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