MultiVersus developer confirms Morty as an expert character

Aw geez, I'm having trouble learning the controls, Rick.

The MultiVersus roster continues to grow. After an impressive starting roster in the Open Beta, WB has several more characters planned for the game’s first season. The first new fighter is Morty Smith from Rick and Morty, and we keep learning more about the Bruiser-class brawler.

Late on August 8, Tony Huynh, the director of Player First Games, shared new info on the young protagonist. Unlike many of the game’s fighters, Morty will require more finesse and cost 3,000 Gold. Morty aligns with higher-skill characters like Arya, Tom and Jerry, and Steven Universe. Like other Bruisers, Morty will use melee to combat his opponents.

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While Tony didn’t share which skills Morty has in MultiVersus, the game’s site does have a small bio on Morty. The biography also lists Morty’s first appearance in the Rick and Morty pilot from 2013. Hard to believe this iconic series is almost a decade old.

MultiVersus Morty Smith Rick and Morty Bruiser
Image via Player First Games

Special moves and gameplay are coming soon for Morty Smith, as he releases alongside Season One in MultiVersus. Though Season One had a planned launch on August 9, it was delayed until August 15. Morty Smith launches on August 23, with his crazy grandfather joining the fray later during MultiVersus’ freshman season.

Though Rick and Morty are the first new fighters, they won’t be the last. Player First Games shared plans for more characters during the game’s first season. What we get next is a mystery, but more information will come soon.

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