MultiVersus hits 20 million players in just under a month

MultiVersus is a record-breaker and phenomenon.

It’s no secret that MultiVersus became Summer 2022’s sleeper hit. Since it debuted in Open Beta on July 26, the platform fighter has continued to draw attention. While the game isn’t out of Open Beta yet, it continues to smash records.

According to VentureBeat and Nibellion, MultiVersus hit 20 million registered players by August 22. Given that this is a title from a fresh developer, Player First Games, the success is an impressive feat.

MultiVersus Jake the Dog dance emote
Image via Warner Bros Games

The MultiVersus team took to Twitter to thank their followers and players for reaching this milestone.

Though the game continues to draw fans, there are plans for regular content updates. With Season 1 starting, there’s a new Battle Pass and rewards to unlock. Also, on August 23, Morty Smith joins the cast as a fighter. Rick Sanchez debuts during Season 1, though the date isn’t set.

There are plans for classic characters like Black Adam from DC Comics and Gizmo/Stripe from Gremlins. Those who start the game up get the following preview for the upcoming fighters:

MultiVersus Black Adam Stripe new characters
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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With a minimum of four more characters coming before Season 1 ends on November 15 and new modes like Classic Arcade and Ranked, there’s plenty to draw more players, and Warner Bros. has plenty planned to keep the live service relevant.

MultiVersus Season 1 Snapshot!
Image via Warner Bros. Games

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