New changes to Ranked make ranking up easier in Apex Legends

Player-friendly changes to tier demotion, ranked points (RP), and Kill Points (KP) are now live.

Apex Legends Ranked Leagues is one of the game’s biggest draws. Competitive play in Apex Legends was relatively run the same for most seasons, however, at the beginning of Season 13: Saviors, that changed. Ranked Reloaded introduced a new format for competitive play, but most players found it too be too punishing. That is why a major player-friendly change to Ranked debuted mid-season, alongside the Awakening Collection Event. Ranking up will be much easier under this new format, so let’s look at the details.

Ranked Tier Demotion changes

The split reset for Season 13: Saviors will only take players down four divisions instead of six. This means that this Ranked Split reset will only take players down one tier, instead of a tier and a half.

Ranked Points (RP) changes

Ranked Tiers Bronze to Diamond
Images via Respawn

Entry costs now 10 Ranked Points (RP) lower across every tier, and still rise by 3 RP per tier. This means that Bronze IV will begin at 5 RP entry cost, and max out at 65 RP for Master IV. Increases beyond Masters IV still have their own separate system.

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Kill Points (KP) changes

Kill Points (KP) are now more accessible at higher kill counts and for killing players of higher tiers.

New Kill Count Percentages

KillsKP Percentage Modifier
7-960% (formerly 20%)
10-1240% (formerly 20%)

Killing players ranked higher than you

Tiers HigherKP Percentage Modifier
1150% (formerly 100%)
2200% (formerly 150%)
3250% (formerly 200%)

These changes to Ranked Leagues went live in Apex Legends on June 21, 2022 for the Awakening Collection Event.

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