New FFXIV x Fall Guys collab confirmed, launching in 2023

The strangest collab of 2023.

Final Fantasy XIV has a new collab on the horizon. During the FFXIV Fan Fest, Square Enix announced an upcoming event focused on Medatonic’s popular battle royale. The Final Fantasy XIV x Fall Guys event kicks off later this summer, with each game getting its own unique offering.

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FFXIV’s upcoming event sees Fall Guys-inspired obstacle courses added to the Gold Saucer’s event rotation alongside a brand-new battle royale mode. As with other events in the Gold Saucer, players can earn MGP for participating. Both events are scheduled to join Final Fantasy XIV during the Patch 6.5 series, with more information coming soon.

FFXIV Fall Guys obstacle course
Image via Square Enix

Fall Guys introduces its Warriors of Light Fame Pass starting August 22, 2023. Players have until October 3, 2023, to unlock several FFXIV-themed costumes and emotes inspired by some of the MMOs most popular characters and creatures. Alphinaud, Alisaie, Estinien, and Chocobos are just a few of the rewards.

To see the Fall Guys Warriors of Light Announcement Trailer, check out the video below:

These announcements come alongside the reveal of the new FFXIV: Dawntrail expansion.

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