New Legend Catalyst debuts for Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse

Boreas cannot fall.

As the current season of Apex Legends winds down to an end, Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is just on the horizon. This new season brings with it a brand-new Legend named Catalyst. In addition to that, there is also a new map, and a brand-new gifting feature that allows players to share with their friends. Let’s take a look at Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse.

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse

Eclipse is the fifteenth season of Apex Legends on PC and Console.

New Legend: Catalyst

Catalyst in Last Hope Apex Legends
Screenshot via Respawn

Tressa Smith, aka Catalyst, is a terraformer and defensive conjurer from Boreas. Her abilities to manipulate a substance called ferrofluid gives her the upper-hand on the battlefield. Catalyst joined the Apex games to protect Boreas as the games moved there. Catalyst is the second Legend from Boreas, the first being Seer. She is also the second confirmed transgender Legend, the first being Bloodhound. This is all revealed in the Last Hope Stories from the Outlands.

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New Map: Boreas

The games are moving to Boreas’ shadow in a stellar new map. This is the fifth Battle Royale map introduced to the game, and the first once since Storm Point was released in Season 11: Escape. With a new map in the rotation, this season will have more maps sitting out of rotation than previous seasons.

New Feature: Gifting

Starting in Season 15: Eclipse, players will be able to buy cosmetics at a discounted price for other players in their friends list if they are at least level 10. Players can send up to five gifts per day. Gifts can only be purchased with Apex Coins, not Crafting Materials. When you receive a gift, it will go to an inbox where you can claim it.

Season 15: Eclipse begins in Apex Legends on November 1.

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