New Legend Rhapsody debuts for Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion

Get ready to drop the beat.

Apex Legends Mobile has been trying to prove since day one that it is more than just a mobile port of the PC and console version of the game. From their first mobile-exclusive Legend, Fade, to the mid-season update format with new a Point of Interest on World’s Edge. That said, it is in the Season 2: Distortion launch that the game will really set itself apart. The new season had an absolutely visually stunning launch trailer, and introduced the game’s second mobile-exclusive Legend: Rhapsody.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion

The Season 2 launch for Apex Legends mobile is most defined by its debut of the newest mobile-exclusive Legend. That said, it also has a brand-new map. Let’s take a look.

New Legend: Rhapsody

Rhapsody Season 2: Distortion
Screenshot via Respawn

Rumored to have turned against their own people to serve the interest of corporate giant, Pythas, Rhapsody is here to tell their side of the story. This DJ turned supersonic fighter has a unique edgy and futuristic look. They have a little drone companion too, who can really bring the noise. Their hair is a dark undercut swung to one side, and they have complete heterochromia in their eyes.

Rhapsody’s introduction sets up a precedent that Apex Legends Mobile may be receiving new exclusive Legends on season launches, and new returning Legends from the PC and Console version on mid-season updates. However, that remains to be seen.

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New Map: Pythas Block 0

Pythas Block 0 Season 2: Distortion
Screenshot via Respawn

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion also adds a colorful cyberpunk city to the game in the form of multiplayer map Pythas Block 0. This map is for Multiplayer mode, and will most likely mostly be used for fan-favorite MP mode: Team Deathmatch. This Multiplayer map was seen by some players already during beta testing, so we know that it is not a Battle Royale map.

Season 2: Distortion debuts in Apex Legends Mobile on July 12.

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