New Spider-Man 2 trailer and Limited Edition Console announced

Why does being bad feel so good?

The Spider-Man 2 press tour officially kicked off at San Diego Comic-Con 2023, and Insomniac Games didn’t disappoint. Spider-Man 2 saw several new announcements on July 20, 2023, including a new story trailer and a limited edition PS5 bundle.

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Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Console

Spider-Man 2’s Limited Edition Console Bundle debuted in a YouTube announcement. Here you can see the unique Spider-Man-themed faceplates and controller on display.

Sony and Insomniac later took to PlayStation Blog to detail the console’s limited edition bundle. The bundle includes a copy of Spider-Man 2, a 1TB hard drive, and unique designs for the console and controller. Taking inspiration from the symbiote shown in the first Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer, the console, and controller are engulfed in black goo, with Peter’s trademark red suit and white spider logo buried underneath. You can view the console in all its splendor from several angles below.

The Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition PS5 Console launches on September 1, 2023, with pre-orders going live on July 28.

PlayStation Spider Man 2 limited edition
Spider-Man 2 console cover
Spider-Man 2 console cover
Spider-Man 2 console cover 3
Spider-Man 2 console cover
Images via PlayStation Blog

Spider-Man 2 Peripherals

Spider-man 2 console covers
Image via PlayStation Blog

Existing PS5 owners can also purchase the PS5 Console Covers and Limited Edition DualSense Wireless Controller separately when the bundle goes live for Pre-order on July 28, 2023.

Sony has confirmed Limited Edition Console Covers for both the Physical and Digital Editions of the PS5. The Console Covers cost $65 on their own.

On the other hand, Spider-Man 2’s DualSense Wireless Controller will run players $79.99. Unlike the Collector’s Edition, the Controller and The Console Covers will be available at multiple retailers. You can see it from several different angles here.

spider-man 2 controller
Images via PlayStation Blog

Spider-Man 2 Story Trailer

Spider-Man 2’s Story Trailer sets the stage for the upcoming game, with Peter, Miles, MJ, and Harry Osborn taking center stage. Insomniac’s latest title is set around ten months after the events of the original Spider-Man game from 2018. Here, Kraven sets in motion chaos that neither Peter nor Miles saw coming, with Venom stealing the show with his first gameplay appearance.

We’ll have to wait until October 20, 2023, to get the full story of Spider-Man 2, but Sony’s biggest title of the year is sure to be a jaw-dropping ride. One I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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