Nintendo Live 2023 a gaming celebration in Seattle, Washington!

Will Nintendo Live 2023 turn out to be a cash grab or an event that gamers will love?

Announced on April 11, Nintendo revealed they’ll be hosting Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle, Washington. Nintendo Live has been a regular yearly event in Japan, so it’s great to see it makes its way to the States. With that being said, what can Nintendo fans expect at this event, and what can Nintendo do to make this event great?

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Nintendo Live 2023 details

At the time of writing, the date, venue location, and activity schedule haven’t been revealed yet. According to the Nintendo website, attendees can expect the following to be at Nintendo Live 2023:

  • Ability to play Nintendo Switch games
  • Live performances
  • Photo ops with your favorite Nintendo characters
  • Competitions and tournaments

Initial thoughts

Nintendo Live 2023 promotional image with Splatoon and Animal Crossing on it
Image via Nintendo

As an event organizer, I’m curious how this will go. Aside from PAX West, there aren’t that many big gaming-oriented events in Seattle. With Nintendo Live 2023 taking place there, that could open up the door for more events like this to come to the Pacific Northwest.

But for that to happen, Nintendo has to make the event worth everyone’s while. For that to happen, Nintendo needs to release more information about it.

This also could be an optimal opportunity for Nintendo to open a storefront in Seattle. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Western Washington has 6,724,540 residents, with Seattle having a median income of $105,391. It would be missed opportunity if they didn’t capitalize on the market there, especially if Nintendo Live 2023 is a success.

A way to build connections with the gaming community

With Nintendo announcing that there’ll be tournaments at the event, it would make sense to want to connect with the local Smash community to get their input and support. However, Nintendo is known for ignoring the Smash and FGC overall. After they shut down Smash World Tour last year, the chances of seeing any cross-promotion with the FGC is slim.

Will be Nintendo Live 2023 be a good event?

After seeing their work on Super Nintendo World, I do have high hopes that this event will be something worth attending. My hope is that Nintendo will reach out to event organizers in the region and work with them to make Nintendo Live 2023 an exceptional event that’ll encourage people to travel to Seattle. However, I’m holding my breath on going until more information is announced. What do you think? Will you be in attending Nintendo Live 2023?

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